Post pics of your Chanel RTW/Clothing

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  1. Would love to see everyone's collection of Chanel Ready-To-Wear clothing pieces :smile:

    Will post mine up shortly too...

    I know many of the girls here have not only great handbags but amazing clothing! :wlae:
  2. Boucle jacket:
  3. 2007 Cruise Black tweed long coat. I will wear all year round if the temp is cool enough. Tweed is a very hot material.



    How it looks on a 5', size 0/00 me after alteration:

  4. From Spring/Cruise 07 collection:





  5. from 2006 collection:


  6. full length gown from Spring 2007:


  7. Black wool cardigan/jacket from early Winter 2007:


  8. Classic Tweed Jacket

    Double pockets at the front

    This is the signature design of the metal chain that aims to maintain the shape of the jacket.
    DSC01975b.JPG DSC01977b.JPG DSC01978b.JPG
  9. Here are some pics finally: (I know Ive been terrible at loading pics even though I started the thread!! :s)

    :heart::heart::drool: LOVE LOVE everyone's posts so far...beautiful items!!

    07C graffiti s/s black lace blouse from NM Tysons Galleria, VA
    (I LOVE LOVE this piece, thanks to fellow TPFer "iluvchanel" for the inspiration)
    DSC00544 (Small).JPG

    06A Black motorcycle style jacket, very classic piece from Saks Beverly Hills, CA
    IMG_1982 (Medium).JPG

    IMG_1983 (Medium).JPG

    07P Coco Crest dark navy and creme houndstooth jacket from Chanel Honolulu, HI boutique (searched high and low and managed to find the last one in a size close to mine, AND got 40% off too!)

  10. 04C runway long coat from Saks Beverly Hills, CA (I think this is my first Chanel RTW piece and I had to get it shortened which finally fit me a lot better)

    01C black camelia lace jacket with tiny hook closure, pre-loved from Lily Et Cie Beverly Hills, CA (super light and i like it with tees or dressed up)

    with flash to show the camelia lace design
    without flash to show true color

    07A black/brown with metallic threading mini cardi/jacket from NM Tysons Galleria, VA (LOVE LOVE IT, my SA there is amazing and this was an excellent price point and very classic piece too)

    without flash true color

    with flash to show some of the metallic threading
  11. And last but not least:

    07C pink/salmon color tank dress with front pockets from Saks Chevy Chase, MD
  12. Here are 2 suits, older jacket, 2006 gold knit dress:
    Chanel white suite.jpg Chanel suit.jpg Chanel jacket.jpg Chanel 2006 knit dress.jpg
  13. This is my Chanel 2005 Cruise Jacket with Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle patch.
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  14. Wool dress F/W 2007 from NM
  15. ivory wool tweed cropped jacket from A07