Post pics of your Chanel clothing buys Cruise and Spring Summer 2007

  1. Preferably would like to see what people got on sale from Cruise and S/S 2007 collections this time but you can post older Chanel clothing pieces too :smile:

    Or maybe what you're planning to get :smile:

    Heres my list for pre-sale:

    1. Black and white tweed short sleeve dress with sequin trim

    2. Black tank with gold chains in the front, very light gold chains, not too heavy and a small CC logo hanging off one of the chains

    3. Peachy Pink tank dress with front pockets

    4. Black and White houndstooth cropped jacket with CC logo crest
  2. bump...i know im terribly lazy with pics myself but i will promise to take pics once things come in...Im getting a few of them altered so I will have to wait another week or so :smile:
  3. 1. black fitted Tshirt with CC and chanel written in front
    2. dress with stripes in different colors
    3. black baby animals tank
    4. white pants
    5. baby animals scarf
    6. light blue jeans
    7. black baseball cap
    8. pink animals cap
    9. black animals cap
    10. denim camelia shoes
    11. naked ballet flats
  4. 1. Chanel 07P Gold and Black jacket

    2. Chanel 07P Dark Navy and White houndstooth jacket


    3. Chanel 07P peach tank minidress with petal hem at the bottom

    (no pic yet--still at alterations)

    Hopefully I'll have some real pics once these are all back from alterations :smile:

    Please post pics of your items ;)
  6. ooooooh such a beautiful jacket!!
  7. cory!! i love the jacket.. it's soo beautiful!! model them for us!!
  8. 2. Chanel 07P Dark Navy and White houndstooth jacket


    I love this jacket. Do you know if any are still floating around and may I ask how much?
  9. It was 5330 USD less 40% off and I think I bought the very very last one at Chanel boutiques and all my SAs in NM and Saks werent able to find one at all--they said it sold out before it even came close to sale :sad:

    This one was found for me at Chanel Waikiki-HI
  10. ^^^that is such a beautiful blazer, congrats on the great price and finding one!
  11. Thanks for the info. I am glad that you were able to find it. It looks hot. I would love to see a modelling pic of you in the jacket Calisnoopy!