~~~ Post PICS of your April/May Purchases here ~~~

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  1. Borrowing this thread from Bbag sub-forum ...:P

    What better way for LV lovers :love: to show off their LV purchases in April and May!:yahoo:

    It doesn't have to be brand new ... but please POST PICS!!!
    Dimensions, where and how much you bought it for would also be great!

    Come on ladies and gents, let the drooling begin!:drool::drool::drool:
  2. well i got something.. and iphone case from a friend on the forum.. BUT IM WAITING FOR MY CAMERA TO COME TONIGHT!! ;) cant wait to see everyone elses!
  3. you've seen it million times already......here she is again!!! lovely Galliera PM!

  4. ^^^ now that's definitely drool-worthy!

    Pardon me while I wipe off my slobber ... lol!
  5. Sweet! I will be able to add pics hopefully tomorrow of my new Eva...which is on the way via FedEx even as I'm typing this!
  6. I don't have anything new and probably won't be getting anything for a while... I guess I will just have to drool over everyone else's purchases!
  7. Will NEVER get tired of Galliera pics ... not yet (;