Post pics of your apple!

  1. I used to have an apple tooled bayswater and a roxy but sadly sold both, anyway I have just bought an apple green Blenheim and I am tres excited! Those of us with apple green bags lets post pics and big up this underrated colour! Will post when it arrives!:yes:
  2. I love the apple green color!

    Here is mine:


  3. I love the apple colour!

    Rosieroseanna, can I be nosy and ask where you bought the apple blenheim from? When I was seriously contemplating buying one not long ago one of the staff at an outlet told me that they had none in apple, and it wasnt a color he expected to see. This led me to believe that I had missed the boat on the apple blenheims.
  4. eBay! Been searching everyday and a brand new one came up!
  5. Gorgeous bags, anjos. I love the apple shade.

    Well done on your purchase, rosie - be sure to post pics :tup:
  6. Anjos - they are lush! Does anyone else have any pics?
  7. bump
  8. I love the apple color. When it darkens it kind of looks olive. Kind of a vintagey look. I think its Mulberry's best color.
  9. Gorgeous bags Anjos! I'll post the piccy of my apple green Phoebe when I find the camera. But sadly apple green faded into yellowish green, a lighter colour and it marks so easily. I even started regretting that I bought it rather buying it in Oak which ages "gracefully" and gets better and better with age. Fortunately I managed to get Phoebe in Oak this summer and now I even think of selling my green Phoebe on eBay sometime. Very tough decision.:crybaby:

    I love green colour, but I'm afraid not for everyday use.
  10. My much loved apple green phoebe with double lock purse :yahoo:

  11. Have you got it yet, rosieroseanna?!!
  12. Nope! She is posting it tomorrow - been waiting for cheque to clear! I am very excited though!
  13. Love this color, but it's not easy to get this color on a purse. I wonder if Mulberry has made Ledbury in this color? Would love to get one...
  14. Here is my Tooled Bayswater in apple green!
  15. I love the way your Phoebe and purse have developed into such a darker (but still bright and leafy) shade. They look beautiful!