* Post pics of you wearing your Miu Miu Bow Satchel!!

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  1. I LOVE THIS BAG. I know there's already a thread dedicated to this beautiful creation, but I wanted to open one where we could post pictures of us wearing our different colours (and/or pictures of our bags)! Something tells me that this bag would look good on ladies of all styles and sizes, too! :smile::smile:

  2. Here's a pic of my other bow satchel 'shopping' (larger, without the shoulder strap)...looking kinda floppy with nothing in it.


  3. Wow! I hadn't seen the black before, and it's gorgeous on you!
  4. Yours is much bigger than my off-white one. It's such a great bag in both sizes. I'll post pics of me wearing mine later - painting furniture at the moment so not looking too glamorous!
    I'd really like this bag in brown too or, if not, the nappa spring satchel but can't find any anywhere.
  5. evilarchitect, your figure complements your bags well...gorgeous bags!
  6. Looks great on you, architect! And I love your ugly doll ;).
  7. Bow satchel looks really great on you evilarchitect thanks for posting the pics.. Ive been wondering how the size looks against body and you've really helped me. Im kinda petite, about 5ft 4" but I think the large size will be fine, I like an oversized bag, and it looks so good on you, thanks so much! x
  8. ^glad to be of help, ladies! and thanks for all the nice words :smile: for reference i am 5'6 and 130. come on, let's see some photos of you guys with your bow satchels!
  9. wow! i love that shopping size! the bow satchel looks great in both sizes!
  10. OK evilarchitect...here you go! Please don't mind the ratty clothes and awful hair, I was out digging in the dirt, planting an apple tree. For size reference, I'm 5'7".

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I just have to add that I love the way this bag slouches. When I wear it crossbody, it really conforms to my shape...kinda snuggles up against me. Very comfortable.
  11. ^thanks for sharing! i agree, the bag looks great, the way that it conforms to the body (given it's not stuffed to the brim). yours looks fab out in nature :smile: looks like it's in its element...esp. worn crossbody, it looks very casual yet chic. :smile:
  12. Thanks guys for the size ref, and hippiechic great to see your pics up, the bag looks so perfect! the tan looks so sumptuous! i love that you can see how the bow looks when you wear it, it sits so well : ) ..oh I want one!!
  13. I love these pics! Great bag on both of you! Thanks so much!
  14. evilarchitect and pixiechic, thanks for posting the pictures modeling the bow satchel. You both look fabulous with the bag. Now, I just ordered one from Saks and can't wait to get it.
  15. Yay! What color did you get? Post some pics here when it arrives! :tup: