post pics of the interior of luxe bowler please?

  1. Hi ladies, I am trying to locate a medium luxe bowler, preferably in deerskin. I was trying to look through eBay and there is just too many 'versions' and it gets difficult to know which version is the real deal. The pics in the reference section has mostly exterior pics. Can someone help me out by posting pics of the interior of their bowler? and is there a difference in the lining between the two sizes? thanks a bunch!

    if this post is in the wrong place please correct me=)
  2. I think I have seen some in the reference library.. Try checking and then get back here (again) after doing so. :biggrin:
  3. I checked and there was nothing. they had the interior of the tote though, but I dont think it will be the same=(
  4. The interior of the black deerskin bowler is black leather. I'm not sure about the other colors.
  5. thanks. does anyone know or have any pics of the other (goatskin and calfskin) interiors? thanks
  6. I have the 06 Cruise dark silver bowler and the interior is black leather.
  7. Hi, may I know what kind of leather it is?

  8. I don't think the metallic Luxe bowlers were ever made in Deerskin, but rather goatskin. i had a metallic black one from s/s 06' then sold it so I know that was goatskin for certain. i know they came in smooth calfskin and also in patent, but no deer skin to my knowledge...good luck!
  9. Yes, the metallic bowler was made in deerskin for fall 06 only - I have one! It was never re-released.

    I even bought the metallic goatskin to compare both side by side and ended up keeping the deerskin.
  10. too bad I never saw the deerskin bowler, I would probably still own it :sad: the goat skin was too stiff....thanks for the correction/information. i am always amazed at the details you ladies have and what I learn from you!!
  11. That's exactly why I chose the deerskin - the goatskin was too stiff. It's pretty, but over time loses it's shape in the bowler style due to being pressed under the arm, etc. I ended up with the metallic goatskin flap instead.

    I'm in Arizona too - Chandler!
  12. Roey, this was the other reason I sold mine as well, too funny, I wish the falp were bigger, but the deerskin sounds fabulous....I loved the Prada Cervo Antico bags this year, the deerskin was tdf and so durable at the same time...

    I live in Scottsdale. Has there ever been TPF get together in the Phoenix area?
  13. I think there was a get together in our area a couple months back - in Scottsdale! You are so lucky to be close to all the great shopping.