Post pics of Qeester Qees

  1. I am trying to decide which ones to get. Would anyone post pics of theirs? THANKS!!
  2. Aside from the regular toki qee and Meomi qee, I have the metallic magenta Cat, Doggie, and Hawaii qee. I only have a photo of the Doggie and Hawaii qee though...
  3. CUTE! So they all come with the keychain built in?
  4. No, it comes with the keychain attachment and you have to pop the head off to put it on. Some people had bad experiences with that where the head didn't come off right, but mine were fine.
  5. hey maya ive never seen that doggie on qeester?? i must be lookin at the wrong place :lol: cute though! i keep on missing that darn hawaii qee 4 times already! lol
  6. The Doggie qee is under "Series 5C".

  7. What bag do you use the doggie for?
  8. My olive Camo bella bella. The burnt orange color of the qee matches extremely well with that bag!!
  9. where do you purchase these quees?

    what is queester?

    a website?
  10. LOL. Are you serious?! Oh god... I don't want to pop off any heads... I was kind of hoping the keychain would be on there already. :sweatdrop:

    Um yeah. I ordered the Junko Mizuno "Nurse Flash-It" qee for myself and the Mummy's Boy qee for my boyfriend. Eeee, I can't wait for them to come!

    The qeester payment method is REALLY irritating though... :cursing: It said.. shipping and billing addresses had to be the same? My bf was trying to get them both for us, but I ended up having to pay because his addresses don't match up. Grrrrrr!
  11. I was hesitant in popping the heads at first but it is much better than risking scratching the leather. I pop them out all the time now to change my qees ( I have metallic ones though, but I saw those Qeester and .. no, don't want to think abt it!)
  12. i finally got around to fixing my hawaii qee but it turns out I couldn't find the keyring part! my bf misplaced it when he cleaned up and flattened my boxes :cry: so I had to use one from the tokidoki qees. she looks like she has a white choker on now lol
  13. mwhahaha ..we are choking the qees! :lol: