Post Pics Of MJ Exotics!!!!

  1. style: ostrich stam
    season: f/w 07
    color: cherry
    price: $3400
    material: ostrich
    interior: latte brown leather
    purchased: Neiman Marcus, chicago

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    Season Fall/Winter 2009
    Style Python St Marks Lux
    Color Taupe
    Original Retail Price $2200

    py001.jpg 002.jpg py002.jpg py003.jpg py004.jpg
  4. so sad i got outbid.
    this is a rare alligator sophia.
    not sure what year or the official color name
    pics from eBay auction



    Jon_ppics_179_002.jpg Jon_ppics_180_002.jpg Jon_ppics_181_002.jpg Jon_ppics_182_001.jpg Jon_ppics_185_002.jpg
  5. a few more. suede lined as well
    Jon_ppics_186_002.jpg Jon_ppics_187_002.jpg Jon_ppics_188_002.jpg Jon_ppics_189_001.jpg Jon_ppics_191_001.jpg
  6. Just got this Large Single from Saks today, $300 from $700. Not sure if I want to keep it...

    Borrowing a pic from other website