1. Hey guys, I thought it'd be cool to see pics of how everyone store their LVs or collection of bags. I would love to contribute to the thread but I only have one LV bag with two accessories. The wallet and the cles are always in the bag and I use the bag a lot so not too much storing for me. :graucho:

    So go ahead and post pics of your closets, shelves etc where you store your LVs :biggrin: :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  2. I'll take a pic tonight ans post it here.. Interesting!!
  3. Hehe can't wait :biggrin:
  4. this is one of my closets
  5. Lol here's one of my accessories on my wall, my Pochettes are on the other (I *may* have a pic of that).
  6. Interesting. But my mum would kill me if i drill somany holes in her wall. Ha..
  7. ^Lol that's why I use small push pins so there isn't much of a hole. My pochettes are on little crystal knobs but my dad put those up for me. :yes:
  8. Cool idea--- can't wait to see everyone's pics
  9. ok, i will try to post something tomorrow, when there's daylight.

    btw--lvbabydoll, you have the most awesome collection. :smile: i've seen your other pictures (in your slideshow)..and everything is :drool: :drool: :drool:
  10. That's so cool Rebecca!!! If only my dad'll let me punch holes into the walls.... lol
  11. This was before... [​IMG]
    This is after...[​IMG]
  12. sweetneet- aw thanks! :shame:

    Cec- Lol thanks. I just started doing it and they really couldn't stop me. :p
    Plus, it's prettier than putting up posters hehe.
  13. LvBabydoll - That's so cool. You can enjoy looking at them all day long.

    Guilty Pleasure - You've alloted a great space for your all your purses and accessories.

    Mine are just in plastic bins - Boo-Hoo! Not worth showing it off. :tdown:
  14. LvBabydoll- that's an awesome wall of LVs! I love your collection of cles!

    Guilty Pleasure- is that space specifically just for your LVs? :drool:

    PrincessMe- your closet is so nicely organized! Mine's quite cluttered right now....