Post Pics of Floppy, Batwinged, and Well Loved Kellys in Action

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  1. Hello loves!

    I love it when Kellys (especially the retournes) come out to play and act out of its structured and postured nature. It just proves Kellys can be both sophisticated and casual while always being as elegant as ever.

    Let’s make this thread a fun place of adoring our kelly babies!

    Hermès Geek A62B48BE-4B92-425E-AF0C-BE042FE1EF40.jpeg
  2. I'd love to see some well loved, well used Kellys. I do love a bag that looks like it was enjoyed (although I have a problem not being OCD about the condition of mine. I am trying to get over that!)
    The Olsen twins Kellys are a bit too overused for my taste, although I guess it says, "I'm so rich that I can have a very expensive bag and batter the hell out of it." :smile:
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  3. 9DA5EEDD-4476-46B1-8225-9746C030EF32.jpeg Not my cup of tea but it has a cool - ish vibe...:cool:
  4. Hmmm.... I love the slouchy used look in the Birkin but maybe I'm not going to like this for a Kelly. Maybe because these are box leather?
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  5. Rachel Zoe
  6. Not a look I like at all in a Kelly! And I hate to see abuse of any bag. Did the Olson’s run their cars over their bags? Yikes!
  7. Well she's obviously very beautiful. So long as it saves them from the scrap heap then it can only be a good thing they carry on carrying-on.
  8. :lol::lol::lol:
  9. IMG_3951.JPG This is a very french look, I ve seen Parisian ladies carry their bags like this, so it's not just a staged shot. Personally I adore a well loved, well polished bag, but it needs to be clean.
  10. Whilst I adore a well loved bag, these look more abused than well loved imho. There are a lot of members here who have gorgeous, well loved, yet maintained Kellys. In the boutique a few years ago, I saw someone with a 40cm clemence well loved, floppy Kelly and still remember how chic it was!
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  11. I believe it’s a 35! So chic!
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  12. Actually, now that I looked at her other photos, I think it’s a Kelly 40!
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  13. 64AC8F40-42FC-495D-AC99-5A5EB4E85B58.png
  14. 593D5387-AB64-4BAD-8D37-78E6344F9F48.png I also like the casual Kelly.