***Post pics of bags + shoes***

  1. I LOVE these combos!! More, please!
  2. This is going to be my favorite thread!!
  3. took a quick pic... first contribution

    Sienne Birkin with Sergio Rossi Orange Patent
    (Background - DVF printed dress)

    Sienne and Sergio Rossi.jpg
  4. Yay! Robee!
    It's your second contribution, really. But who's counting! Haha!
    Pretty sure we will lose count with your collection.
    I took the liberty to post your gris T with the kelly boots and EL shawl a page back. Hope you didn't mind.
    That is a stunning combo! The DVF is a great backdrop. Thanks for sharing!
  5. love this combo

    graphite matte nilo croc lindy 26 + christian loubutin roccia lizard pigalle 120
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    What a fun thread! I really enjoy seeing all the wonderful combos! Here are some of mine. Thank you for letting me share.:biggrin:
    IMG_1928.jpg IMG_1930.jpg IMG_1937.jpg IMG_1945.jpg IMG_1955.jpg
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    IMG_2199.jpg IMG_2208.jpg
  8. Thimp!
    Holey mac'n'cheese!
    Thank you for posting!!!!:salute:
    I can't decide which one's my fav. All are breath-takingly beautiful!:nuts:
  9. Robee, thimp fantastic combos:graucho::yahoo:
  10. Fabulous pictures everyone!

    robee, what a stunning shot....love your pom poms!

    thimp, I almost died looking at your lovely birdies with matching heels....simply gorgeous!
  11. This is 'dangerous territory' as the combos are fabulous and make me want more:nuts:
  12. after looking at all these photos...... my wishlist is GROWING!!!!!!!!:nuts::nuts:
  13. lvpiggy, you bag collections are TDF!!!!:biggrin:
  14. Oh wow amazing thread!!!
    I don't know hich one is my favorite they are all gorgeous!!! =~)
  15. I died and went to heaven looking at your pictures thimp! Love the Barenia(?) Birkin with the BV sandals (I'd kill for those :nuts:).