***Post pics of bags + shoes***

  1. Ooo fun thread!!!

    Here's Tabac Lindy w/ Camel VP:


    Vintage Medor Shoulder Bag w/ Cole Haan sneakers:
    DSCN2691.JPG DSCN2687.JPG
  2. i'm seeing a strong H + CL trend here . . . (^(oo)^)
  3. Look at all this eyecandy!! I'm in bag and shoe heaven! Divine combos ladies :smile:
  4. I'm still kicking myself hard for missing out on those BV sandals. Searching high and low for them now. :cry:
  5. Piggy! :nuts:
    Each one is jaw-droppingly beautiful! Oooh thanks for helping me jumpstart this thread. Thank you for sharing girl!
    I see you are a big fan of the 25cm bags. You have exquisite taste!
  6. Oh this lindy and vp combo is spectacular! I must find a pair to go with my rosy swift that's arriving soon!
    The medor bag is great casually paired with the sneakers.
  7. That means I need to get more CLs?
  8. Not to worry ms piggy, I will help you search for them! I got them from the BV website. PM me your size. Maybe evilbay might have 'em in stock. Fingers crossed!
  9. Ooopsies! Sorry my bad!
    Those are not PS shoes. they are Ramona Loeffler Randall.
    Super comfy!
  10. I heart your bags and shoes!!!!

    They are simply breath taking:heart:
  11. funny post!
  12. Ooooh my.....this is like the worst possible addictive drug I could possibly be exposed to....these combos are divine! My shopping list is growing! You all have amazing taste!:faint::love:
  13. I've been quietly admiring your collection(s) over in the HL and CL threads...and now this!:nuts: Amazing stuff!
  14. :coolpics::coolpics::coolpics: girls!! :smile:
  15. What a wonderful thread ... keep 'em coming ladies!