***Post pics of bags + shoes***

  1. Glad you approve may! :happydance:
  2. :nuts: woah!
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    We're shoe twin! And mine is BB Kelly Longue Phw!

    I so want to be your BV heel twins!!

  4. bags and shoes! hahah no wonder i keep coming back to this thread.
  5. Great thread:tup: beautiful combos Anin and also the other ladies have great shoes and bags to match:graucho: Will post mine later;)
  6. Oh I love this thread.....gorgeous pictures!
  7. Great shoes, great bags, great thread anin :tup:
  8. What a great thread!!!! Love it!!!!
  9. anin8888 - Thanks for starting this wonderful thread. I can see the pictures growing as other TPFers chime in. Love the way you said it, healthy bags and shoe fetish.
  10. I love how our style is parallel in some aspects! :ghi5:I knew that way back when I was a new member. You gotta get the BV sandals, they are super comfy. I could wear it 8+ hours if needed. No blisters, nothing.
    I'd like to get a kelly longue someday...why does H discontinue things all the time?
  11. Happy to see you back! Where's your pics? hee hee:p
  12. Thank you ladies!

    Can't wait to see Larissa!
    It's only healthy bc noone has objected to it yet! I will know I have a problem if DH starts complaining, yah?
  13. uuuhhhhhh i love Kelly Boots. They are GORGEOUS :nuts:

  14. More photos!
  15. what fun! (^(oo)^)v here's some combos culled from some of my wardrobe thread outfits:

    marron foncé lizard kelly 25 + bottega veneta marron foncé (they're literally identical in colour!) satin & lizard wedge

    ficelle lizard birkin 25 + christian louboutin pewter scissor girl

    graphite matte nilo croc lindy 26 + christian loubutin roccia lizard pigalle 120

    rouge H shiny poro croc birkin 25 + christian louboutin oxblood glitter VP
    2010 02 16a.jpg 2010 03 21acessories.jpg 2010 06 13d.jpg avatar102768_7.gif.jpg