Post pics modeling with your ELECTRIC BLUE BBag!

  1. I have a EB City on hold at NM in SF because they don't have the brown I really want. Can any of you that have an EB City or any other EB Bbags post modeling pics before I waste my time going to SF to see it IRL. Thanks ladies!

    I already looked in the reference thread and there was not really any pics there.
  2. Here's my EB Part-Time

  3. ^^ yay, you & your EB are gorgey!!! :yahoo:

    p.s. i've got an EB SGH coin purse, but i think
    she's too small for modeling (lol!!!)
  4. I'm out of town on a business trip, going home tomorrow so I'll try to take and post a pic of my EB GSH city when I get home.
  5. :nuts::nuts::nuts: I love your bag! You look so good with it!!
  6. the EB is a awsome color! when i first saw it by jaw dropped in the store!!!

  7. Stunning!! Love how vibrant your EB is! :tup:
  8. You are gorgeous and so is your EB PT!! :drool:
  9. Gorgeous EB PT! I think that color is soooo pretty IRL -hope I get the bag I'm waitlisted for.
  10. kristie, I took some pictures today for you. I posted them here.
  11. gorgeous! :drool:

  12. Thanks ladies! I will try to post some more pics later in the week and post them in the "Photos wearing your Bbag" thread later in the week. :smile:
  13. Oh I love your EB!!! Just gorgeous! Enjoy her!!! :yahoo:
  14. Your bag is gorgeous! :drool::love::nuts: I need some EB so bad! I hope in a few weeks it will still be possible to find at stores. :s It seems like it is selling pretty quick, as it should! :sweatdrop: