Post pics holding your Mini Paddy

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am interested in the mini paddy but I have never seen one IRL, so dont know if it will look too small.

    For those that have one....can you post a pic of you holding it and state your height?

    Also, would you say its comparable in size to the Balenciaga Classique or is it a bit bigger?

  2. I took some pics of my baby paddington together with my classique, gently stuffed with some tissue paper, so you can see the difference in size. Baby paddy is wider and classique is more flat. They would hold the same things, but if you would want to carry something wide & flat, like a book, the classique is better. But for small waller, sun glasses, mobile phone etc, both are just as roomy.
    MousseandPewter.JPG MousseandPewter2.JPG
  3. Your mini Paddy is so cute, Vicky!! If you don't mind me asking, how heavy is it to carry? I've got the regular Paddington (which I sadly don't carry much as I find it to be too heavy), but I'm seriously considering adding a mini to my collection. =)
  4. vicky I love the colors of your bags! ^___^ Good taste.
  5. The mini is not very heavy imo. I did buy a regular satchel last year but returned it, as i found it too heavy. This one is not as light as a balenciaga bag, obviously, but still quite OK - yes, the lock is still heavy. But as the bag itself is small, it's not as much additional weight as in the bigger styles - and you don't have much room for heavy stuff either...
  6. Thanks for the info, Vicky! =D Is it possible to carry the mini Paddy over your shoulder? Or it a really tight fit?
  7. Over the shoulder is OK, unless you have a big coat.
  8. Wow - great pics. I love both the paddy and the b-bag. They both look super cute on you!
  9. Oooohh that is TOO CUTE, vicky!!!! I'm loving it! I'm still warming up to the classique (waiting for it to arrive, usually i'm a City girl), but if it works out, maybe I should look for the baby paddy, I'm loving the size!! They look great on you too!
  10. OT but Vicky I LOVE the watch you're wearing!! Where's it from? And the baby paddy is very adorable :love:
  11. its a really cute little bag, i have in silver as well.. :smile: sadly i'm selling it via ebay, because i got a reg. sized on in anthracite.. heeee
  12. ps. its not too heavy, to me, course i do carry a lotta stuft.. and if you loosen the cinches on the sides by one hole, it really opens it up too
  13. I :love: your balenciaga classique
  14. Wow, the mini Paddy looks perfect over the shoulder, Vicky! Thanks so much for the photos. =D