Post Pics from the CL Appearance at Saks

  1. I am so disappointed in myself, I ended up not going to the appearance at Saks yesterday and now of course I regret it!! Yesterday, I decided that there would be way too many people at the event for it to be enjoyable since I was hearing and reading about it everywhere. Of course, now that I see all these lovely photos from the event, I wish that I had attended. I don't have any personal pictures but I did see this link from Wireimage, I know someone in my office that uses wireimage so I will try to supersize the photos later:
  2. aaawww,kam. Maybe next time...thanks for the pics
  3. Thanks for sharing that link. It was sooo cute how he signed the sides of the wedges! Those pink NP's were very cute. I was trying to figure out if they were calfskin or the glitter NP's. Looking forward to hearing from those where were there.
  4. oh my goodness I love these pics! I can't wait to see him SATURDAY!!!
  5. Ohhh, now I regret it also.:crybaby: I choese to go to NM yesterday instead of Saks, but I was very disappointed in the sale they had.
  6. I just walked to Saks since I didn't pick up the shoes that I had on hold for the event yesterday. The shoe salon looked beautiful, there were lovely arrangements of pink and white flowers everywhere and there were several cases of CL archive shoes. I took some pictures of these cases that I will post here later since my phone doesn't seem to be working at the moment.
    My SA told me that it was just chaos yesterday and that the line was VERY long. The line was so long that at 6:30, Saks was not permitting any more people to come on line but CL was still there well after 8:00 pm signing shoes.
    She mentioned that there were many unruly women there that were getting drunk and acting foolish. I also heard that Saks did not really enforce purchase or proof of receipt process that we heard about because many women brought their own shoes.

    Pictures to be posted soon.
  7. I'm sorry that you missed it - but I'm sure that he'll be back!
    Can't wait to see your pics
  8. How cool! Thanks for the pictures, Kam.
  9. I have a wire image account! I will post the pics in a few minutes. I was thisclose to emptying out my checking account and taking a train to see him but my SO talked me out of it :crybaby: Wish I didn't listen!! The event looked amazing!!!
  10. OK ladies get ready to drool....


    This is the hottest shoe ever!! I love the color. So bright!!

    I love this red Hermes purse!

    This lucky lady got 5 pairs of shoes!!!
  11. This girl looked like she was crying. I would be too.

    I love the different colored autographs

    I am sooooo regreting not going!!
  12. GRR!! I WISH THAT I WAS THERE. I'm such a dummy for not going.

    I saw that neon pink Numero Prive today, for those that are interested that color is also available in the yoyo with the 85mm sculpted heel.
  13. wow he signed some stems - very cool!! I would never, ever wear those out though.

    Now I'm curious how my signed shoes are going to look! Can't wait to get them!
  14. Great pics. I'm still waiting for someone who was actually there to report back! I know at least a few made it...
  15. So cool. Thanks for blowing up the pictures. I love those bright pink NP's and the 85 yoyo's sound fab. I also noticed that red Hermes.