Post Pics and Intel of your USED Celine bags here.

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  1. Thank you. This friend of mine didn't even bother with any creams or sprays for her bag. Really fuss free and none of the baby-ing. Water spots dry off as fast as within a few hours.

    Hope to see some evolution shots of your 04LU Luggage Phantom!
  2. whats the difference between palmelato and smooth leather, cant seem to see any proper pictures with differences.
  3. this has got me thinking about changing my opinion of this style. i have yet to own a luggage or phantom. if i do get one, it will be in this color!
  4. Can anyone post picture to show me the difference between Palmelato,,smooth and drummed leather

    Sorry I still new to celine...

  5. Bump!
  6. Hi there, welcome! Actually that question has been discussed quite a lot here. D a search on each of the leather and u should find easily the various threads and pictures :smile: Thank u for joining us!
  7. I'm probably a very few which prefers a slouchy, mushy, floppy luggage - so much that I sold off my 2013 drummed black leather luggage (too stiff for my liking) for this preloved 2011 pebbled camel beauty! Doesn't anyone out there agree luggage looks good slouchy just like a birkin does? So much character & grunge in my opinion (I'm a guy). As you can see, he completely puddles when empty and the bottom right pic is with bag insert - I'm completely in love! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393229981.991565.jpg
  8. ^ Cool. Pebbled leather, now discontinued, is the slouchiest of them all. Enjoy your bag. Ha, got a feeling that the drummed black would not be to to your standards.
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    Thanks cotonblanc! I hope more members will come forward with pics of their slouchy beauties ;)
  10. wow, this is a new concept for me. I always thought of the celine luggage totes as quintessentially structured!
  11. It's an antithesis of the luggage isn't it? It has all the beauty of the iconic mini, but in a pile of yummy leathery smooshness. Yet it's lighter than the usual mini, I'd like to think of it as a mini luggage cabas! :love::hbeat:
  12. is the meaning of cabas the shruggy relaxed style? sorry for naive question haha, ive only seen ysl cabas. :3
  13. No problem dear, try google for 'celine cabas' or check out the celine cabas clubhouse - I'm sure they have one here somewhere. Their cabas has one of the most buttery & soft leathers around, definitely in my wishlist. Yummss...
  14. Absolutely beautiful. I would want my luggage just like yours! I love how it pools. Well loved. Enjoy it, and add to its gorgeous patina. :smile:
  15. Well thank you! Funny how I actually squished and squashed my previous new drummed leather luggage to make it smooshy, but didn't get the desired result - just goes to show the current generation of mini luggage maintains shape very well.

    I'm excited to see your luggage - show us please!
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