Post Pics and Intel of your USED Celine bags here.

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  1. I've been using my grey croc phantom in nubuck almost every day for nearly 2 months now. I seriously load her down with lots of stuff. No slouching - no roughed up corners. Still perfect!
  2. Here's my black smooth mini from March 2011. She gets used every week, but not daily. She has only a small amount of slouch and a couple of scratches on the front.

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  3. great thread!! thanks for posting. I always wondered about Celine bags slouching
  4. Yes - very helpful everyone! Thank you! :smile:
  5. what about trapeze, can anyone post a pic of use trapeze. I am thinking about getting one, but not sure if it still holds well as the time goes
  6. Bump for the older and new members to update with pics of their bags, maybe?
  7. WHAT ?! The mini luggage can slouch?
    Not buying it anymore. Any dreams of having wanted to buy it have been dispersed...referring to the pictures of the green one on the first page.
  8. To be fair, that green Luggage was from Spring 2011 and it uses the older range of smooth leather which can really slouch if you overload it (just look at my Luggage Shoulder!!!). Céline has since introduced Drummed leather and Palmelato (the smooth variety) for the Luggage.

    But I still insist that it is too early to predict how the Luggage will behave in time.
  9. Hi Cotonblanc!

    With the current season, which leather would hold its shape better? I think the palmelato would definitely be best in holding up the shape, what about the drummed against smooth?

    Thank you for your help! I am looking to buy one but I'm afraid it might sag too much over time.
  10. In all honesty, Céline has supposedly improved the leathers so if you compared them to the earlier ones, the newer versions (post 2011) should hold up much better. I still think Céline is still a young brand in the luxury bag group so I honestly can't comment with much confidence. Sure they all start out looking very stiff and nice but it also depends on your lifestyle and the climate you are in.

    I have a 2010 Luggage Small and I'm very thankful that it has stayed looking the same as it was the day I got it and I do not baby my bag and neither do I apply anything on the leather.

    Sorry to not be very helpful but if I were to pick a leather out of the 3 you have mentioned, palmelato would probably be my pic followed by smooth (because of the full leather lining) and lastly the drummed as I do not seem to care for the faux suede lining.

    Hope you can decide!
  11. Thanks for your explanation, Cotonblanc! :tup:

    Hopefully I can decide and get one soon! :loveeyes:
  12. I have a very old luggage from the first philo creation
    I will try to take pics
    It's my most abused bag , followed closely by my gusset cabas!
  13. This is an awesome thread - thank you to all for the info!

    I bought the Fall 2013 medium Edge in black with silver accents. The leather is drummed/pebbled. I was going to exchange it for a Mini Luggage smooth calfskin in navy. Now this thread is giving me second thoughts.

    Any advice on which one I should keep? I really don't like the slouching that I'm seeing, but kind of want to purchase the Mini Luggage before it gets even MORE expensive.

  14. This might be of interest to those who owned or thinking of owning the Luggage Phantom in Natural Calfskin. I am bag-sitting one that belongs to a girl friend of mine and this is how the leather looks after a year of continuous use. Gone is the stiffness one might associate with natural calfskin. The leather has achieved a very unique patina with the vertical streaking being much more obvious than before. The entire bag has softened and especially the wings! It has flopped so much that the top now closes on its own when laid flat.

    I laid it side by side with a burgundy one in the store and I absolutely prefer the slouchier version. The SAs at Céline also commented that this is how Phoebe envisioned the Phantom to be! So please, enjoy the photos. She is Khaki 15KH. And an absolute chameleon at that.

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  15. I don't hyperventilate over celine as often as I used to but ... this is absolutely swoony! I want mine to look as delicately worn as this!
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