Post Pics and Intel of your USED Celine bags here.

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  1. how much is yours? i wanna get black too
  2. I bought my Mini Luggage Pebbled Camel in the summer. I use this bag a few times a week and it always has an inner lining in it and stuffed will with my stuff! Its quite heavy but can take quite a beating.

    I spray and put lotion on it a few times a month too. Usually I can easily wipe off any surface stains. The leather is quite durable and thick.

    Its floppy.. but it was floppy when I first bought it. No complaints here!

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  3. I bought my Cobalt Micro Smooth last Sept & have been using it in between my Bbags. It's still looks structured maybe because of the size. The smaller the size the less slouching. I really love the Micro size for me & getting another Micro in Coq or Orange or both soon.
  4. good info. i was wondering about how it will hold up over time. any new updates from other luggage owners?
  5. LOVE this thread! I find it to be very helpful!!
  6. Any kind TPFers with the croc-stamped Phantom can help show me how the bag holds up after some use? I would hate it if the bag slouches too. Thanks in advance!
  7. 3months old black drummed nano.
    The shape is still holding up well. No signs of slouching.
    Also, a good size for running errands and casual dinner date. :smile:

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  8. My phantom is very sturdy and no slouching nor worn our corners with bumps and whatnot either, tbh I think it's pretty hard to wear and tear this bag.
  9. Thanks, jacqualyn2. Appreciate the feedback! :smile:
  10. I got a used Celine Black Smooth Shoulder luggage from a consignment store. Do any of you use something to make the base sturdier. Also, what type of conditioners do you use?
    Thank you!!
  11. Ahhh! The slouching is totally turning me off. Its the reason i don't love my chanel GST anymore and the reason I didn't buy the chanel cerf tote...I want a structured bag....and was hoping to get one of these soooooooooon.
  12. Apparently, the newer drummed backs are stiffer and don't slouch as much.
  13. Sorry- what does that mean? Is drummed back different than a smooth leather nano? Thanks!
  14. Drummed leather has a texture. Although stiffer in person, the feel and hand to it isn't quite as luxurious as smooth in my opinion.
  15. I second that. I drool over the looks and its much more luxurious and classier than the drummed. However, IMO drummed leather is more scratch resistant than the smooth leather. Hence, I do not own any Celine smooth leather bags! How ironic.. Lol
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