Post Pics and Intel of your USED Celine bags here.

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  1. This has been asked in a few threads and I believe we have a couple of threads on the box and cabas bags so mods feel free to combine/edit this thread.

    I have had my smooth mini kelly green luggage for a year now and have used her in rotation with other bags. She is always stored in her dustcover stuffed with the plastic pillows she came with. The first photo shows how she looked when she arrived brand new and now after a year of use I have found that she slouches. Personally, I have no problem with slouchy bags but I know that this is an issue for some people. I don't carry a heavy load in my bags just the basics such as a wallet, keys, sunnies, tissues etc. No books or ipads etc. I have also posted a close up of the leather to show that I have had no issues with scratches etc and apart from the slouching the bag looks eaxctly like the day I bought her.

    Feel free to post away your luggage or other Celine bags. :smile:

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  2. Great thread!!

    I've been using my lipstick mini since Jan 2011. The photo below when she arrived brand new.


    I also have had NO issues with the scratches or water stains but the color transfer found it on the back of the bag. I usually use leather conditioner clean it then everything will remove completely, but lately I was so lazy to clean so the color transfer left some on the back of my bag. Anyway it's not a big issue for me :P

    I have also found it looks much more shiny compared to the first day I got it...


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  3. ^Thank you so much for posting Tastefashion. As the luggage style is fairly new it's good to see how these bags hold up over time. The thick leather definitely makes them prone to slouching. I love your mini BTW. :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for this thread! Just the other day I was thinking of creating something like this with pics of my burgundy Mini. I will post pics of her new in June 2011 and today :smile: btw I love the Kelly green :smile:
  5. I wonder if this new season of leather will slouch as bad with use? I love the mini but don't really like that style of bag slouchy. Seeing these pics is making me rethink keeping the new black smooth mini i just bought. :confused1: especially for the price!
  6. The new drummed leather is supposed to be a lot stiffer and the Celine SA said that it should not slouch as much as the previous leathers but it felt plasticky to me like embossed leather and no where near as luscious as the Celine smooth leathers.
  7. totally agree.
  8. I just hate to pay that much money only to find out after I've used it that it's going to be slouchy. I like my BV, Bal etc slouchy but not my Celine mini.
  9. I have had my black smooth mini for 8 months now but mine hasn't slouched. Perhaps it is a storage issue? I stuff it when not in use
  10. I have one in dark brown and I'm actually really disappointed. It has gone super slouchy. Fair enough, I have been using it every day for a long time, but I really thought it would keep its shape better, it looks nothing like the bag I bought :sad:
  11. Would really like tips if there is anything I can do to re-hardened it!
  12. This may seem like a silly question, but don't these bags really only slouch when you set them down? I know when my bag is full and hanging on my arm, I rarely ever notice a slouch. It's only when I set the bag down, does it slouch. And even then, if my bag is full of "stuff" it doesn't slouch as much as it does when it's completely empty. For the most part, when the bag is carried, it retains it's "boxy" shape
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    i love your green Celine, xx :heart:
  14. I third that sentiment. . .remember how soft and lucious the Envelope Luggage Bags are from 2010? Slouch but in a good way.

    It is a catch 22--I like the old leather. but prefer structured bags. Maybe investing in a handbag organizer or one of things for the base--a base shaper--would help?? Even the nanos get a little stretchy.
    fall–winter 2010–2011

    AGE: 5 months
    LEATHER: smooth black leather
    USAGE: almost daily with the weekend break
    STORAGE: stuffed with pillows when resting
    CLIMATE: hot, humid, rainy
    TO NOTE: no leather protector used but conditioned every fortnight. scratches buff out easily. baby wipes used to clean stains. had champagne spill too. :sad:
    ETC: narrow bag folio/organiser used as a bag sorter

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