Post pic of your LV Key & Change holders

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  1. Please, post pics of your LV Key and Change holders.
    I love them, they are so cute :love: but I've only got 3 so far.

    1. Monogram Canvas
    2. Multicolore Canvas White
    3. Monogram Cerises Rond ( my :heart: favourite!)
    LV KeyChangeHolder.jpg
  2. I love the round cles, very cute
  3. My pics are kind of spread out since I don't have just one pic of all the keycases together but what I can't find, I'll just list.
    Marshmallow vernis 4 key holder and Cerises cles:

    Cerises Ronde:

    Cerises Ronde again, Damier 4 key holder (really, 2 since my mom has one too), and white MC cles:

    And the only one missing is the regular monogram cles.
  4. Here is a better pic of mine. And who can forget the panda? He's a keychain too! :smile:
  5. Marshmallow Vernis:

  6. [​IMG]
  7. here are my poor mono gets no use now that i have the damier one...:shame:
  8. Here's my one and only:

    How much was the retail for the round cerise coin purse? Do you think I can still get it anywhere? (is it the only round coin purse with a keychain?)
  9. i love that yellow vernis cles bluekit!
  10. Wow girly you own EVERYTHING!!! :heart: What in LV do you not have yet ? :yes:Wish i can be you.... or grow up to be like you :smile:
  11. I love that one! It's gorgeous! As for the Cerises Rond, it was $240 but there are a couple other versions of that one. They used to have the mini monogram in navy and cherry but that line was discontinued..but Elux has the monogram canvas one right now for $170.

    And thanks cookiepie! There are lots of things I don't own but would LOVE to..I've had my eye on Suhali items for quite some time hehe. Now I'm getting into the discontinued dangerous for me lol.
  12. Lol..since I'm including my keychains like the Panda one, I thought I should add in the Speedy Inclusions.

  13. Does it look that yellow? :cry: :cry: It's perle (pearl). Maybe the lighting. :hrmm:
  14. I love the marshmallow! It was discontinued AND sold out when I was searching for it earlier this year. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  15. Thanks Lvbabydoll. I'm looking for one with coin purse+keychain. Hmm..let me call the 877#. :graucho:

    And ditto on the discontinued items.