Post PHOTOS ONLY of your engagement/wedding ring{s} here!

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  1. I'm new here, but wanted to post my lovely engagement ring!

    It's a custom made white gold, with a 1.02 carat cushion cut center stone, and approx. .75-1 carats of sidestones.

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  2. [​IMG]

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  3. My engagement ring was purchased in December 2002. Princess cut, 2.11 carats, J color, VVS1 clarity. Set in platinum, cost at that time was just under $8K. Purchased from the Jewelry Mart in San Francisco.

    My wedding band was purchased in May 2004 (just in time for the wedding!). It's channel set, has 10 princess diamonds, 1.20 carats, G color, VS1 clarity, set in platinum. Purchased for $1K at the Jewelry Mart in San Francisco.


  4. Tiffany Legacy with Graduated Stones

    3.11 carats modified brilliant cushion cut center stone, H color, VS1 clarity, surrounded by 134 round brilliant cut diamonds, weighing .85 carat total weight, G-H color range, VVS-VS clarity range.

    Ring size - 4.75

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  5. D, VVS1, 3 ct asscher cut center stone, .25 baguette side stones, 8-prong, size 6 3/4.

    IMG_3186.JPG IMG_3187.JPG
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  6. 1.50 carat Round Brilliant Cut
    Clarity - I-1 (you could never tell looking straight down...the only inclusion is right where a prong is, so unless you're looking for it with a loupe, you won't see it.)
    Color - G

    The sides are 1/4 tcw. I don't know the specs on them.
    This brings the ring to 1.75 tcw.

    Sorry for the quality of the 2nd picture...I took it on my camera phone 5 minutes after we got engaged. :smile:


  7. Here's my upgrade--already posted everywhere:shame:
    center--1.55ct G SI2
    trillions .4 ct each H--not sure clarity?
    tcw--2.5 ct
    finger size 6 1/4
    carl messler inspired

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  8. Center stone: I, VS2, 3.43ct. Ideal cut
    Side stones are 1ct and 1.04 ct, I color, VS and SI stone.
    ring size is 5.25

  9. I have been married so long, I no longer remember the details of my e-ring diamond. except that it is 1.28 carats.

    It used to be on a plain style tiffany-type yellow gold prong setting, with a 12 mm yellow gold wedding band.

    I upgraded some years (mid - 1990's) ago to this which is two-tone;

    The solitaire is on an 18 ct white gold band, with a yellow gold 1/2 bezel setting (raised, not set flush with the band).

    Added a pave band in yellow gold, and a plain band in yellow gold.

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  10. 2 carat asscher with 3 french baguettes and 5 princess cut stones on either side. 18K white gold. Total weight: like 3.17 or something. I don't remember all the specifics like clarity, color and I can't find my paperwork.

  11. Mine is a 2.87 carats round brilliant cut diamond with clarity VVS1 and Color is F.
    The ring contains 115 round brilliant cut diamond side stones weighing approx. 2.25 carats. Clarities are VVS2 to VS1. Colors are F to G. Total weight of all diamonds is approx. 5.12 carats. Total platinum weight is apporx. 17.1 grams. Tacori setting.

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  12. Center stone is 1 ct. D, VVS1, perfect cut, certified.
    Setting is A.Jaffe signature in platinum.
    First picture is with a friend's ring.

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    Center stone: 1 carat emerald cut, VS1, color G

    2 trillion cut stones on the side, approx. .32 carats each (H, VS)

    Then an additional 64 round stones totaling 1.07 carats (H, SI1)

    Total: 2.71 carats

    (Please excuse the ring for looking dirty, I should have cleaned it before taking a close up!)

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  14. [​IMG][​IMG]

    5 ct center stone emerald cut-actually a mix between an emerald cut and asscher cut
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  15. [​IMG]
    Quadset G/VS2 princess cuts, 0.48cttw with 14k WG mounting and band

    .71ct I/SI2-I1 princess cut in 18K WG A.Jaffe setting with 0.50cttw G/VS1 pave stones, 1.21cttw
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