Post photos of your watch{es} here!

  1. Please post photos and any add'l info you have {price, style # year, etc. . . }.
    This thread is for photos ONLY, please start a new thread w/ comments or questions.
  2. Midsize 31 mm Stainless Steel Rolex Datejust pink face (though some call it salmon), smooth bezel, jubilee bracelet, roman numerals, this is the newer 2006 model with solid case and bracelet and president style clasp/closure, retail was $4,700 I believe.

    Ladies Stainless Steel Tag mother of pearl face, diamond markers circa 2003, original retail $1,999.
  3. My GMT2 Rolex and mid-size steel datejust,I'm 5"6' and size UK 6/8 for size ref.
    jewellery and key ring 011.JPG jewellery and key ring 015.JPG jewellery and key ring 017.JPG
  4. My Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch.
  5. My Cartier -- love it :smile:

    Chanel Black J12, diamond markers.
  6. Chanel J12 (Automatic)
    38 mm, white ceramic w/ diamond markers
    $4,800 pre-tax


    I realized too late that I didn't align the outer dial before taking pics. Argh!
  7. My 35mm Cartier Pasha and 26mm gold and steel Rolex datejust. The Pasha is $6,400 singapore dollars which is around $4700+USd based on my rough estimate of currency conversion. Rolex was around $5000 + USd in year 2004 also based on the currency exchange rate back then.
    DSC03099.JPG DSC03100.JPG
  8. For reference on Rolex Stainless Steel pricing, around 2006 Rolex made some changes on their cases and bracelets which led to a rather substantial price increase, the bracelet is now solid rather than hollow and the clasp is more integrated/invisible (note the clasp on my jubilee bracelet) I believe a lot of the case changes were superficial but there may be more to it .... Just incase anyone is confused on pricing because you'll see my Rolex was close to $5,000 and it's all Stainless yet you'll see a slightly older (04/05) model that's stainless and gold for nearly the same price. I've seen some stores that actually still have some older models in stock so if you're shopping Rolex and notice what you think is the same watch between a couple different stores with about a $1,000 price difference odds are they are actually different models.
  9. Sorry about the blurriness of this pic, but here is my TAG Heuer Aquaracer Quartz Men's watch in steel and 18kt gold with a blue dial and bezel. Retail price $1495+tax. I don't know what year this model debuted, but I purchased it in December 2007.
  10. My Rolex ladies Datejust with diamond MOP dial
    Price was $8650 before tax as of Oct. 2007

  11. Mine is a Tag Heuer Professional Link watch bought early 2002.
    It has diamond markers and bezel, have only had to have battery changed once so far! :biggrin:
    IMG_1734.jpg IMG_1736.jpg IMG_1740tPF.jpg IMG_1749.jpg
  12. My watch is a Dior Christal 28mm with pink sapphires.
  13. Here's my Rolex... stainless steel, white gold fluted bezel, roman numeral white dial, and new clasp (purchased July of 2007).
    cam 011.jpg
  14. Had this picture handy. :p

    Franck Muller Rose Gold Cintree Curvex 2852
    Automatic Movement. Interchangeable Watch Straps.

  15. My midsize S/S Rolex datejust, jubilee bracelet with salmon diamond dial.