Post Photos of your *ROLANDOS & ROLANDES* here

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    Please post photos and information about your ROLANDOs in this thread such as color name, heel height, price, style #, etc. . .

    Please do not ask questions or make comments in here, this is a PHOTO ONLY thread.
  2. Rolando
    Red Patent
    $610 (now $700)


    Gold Pony
  3. Plum Suede
    Purchased from Saks


    Electric Blue Suede
    Purchased from BG

  4. Hot pink Patent Rolando

  5. Electric blue suede Rolando


  6. Dark red patent Rolando
    NM Fall 2007
  7. These are not mine, but :sweatdrop:

    Teal Metallic Rolando

  8. Red Patent Rolando
    (modeling pic)
    from CL Madison Ave
    Fall 07
    Size Up One Full Size

  9. bronze rolandos (spring 09), $695, bergdorf

  10. Gray Rolando
    Purchased on eBay for $399[​IMG]
  11. Rolando in Bronze
    (Feels like Pebbled Leather, unlike New Spring 2009 Smooth Leather Version)
    Approx. $695-$740
    Purchased on eBay From TPFer
    TTS For Me, but if you have wide foot, go up a half size.
  12. Leopard Pony Hair Rolando
    ~$695 @ Saks
    TTS for SMALLER Sizes (I'm a 35.5)

  13. Nude Leather Rolande
    These run REALLY small. +.5-1 full size up

  14. Metallic Gold Rolando's Bergdorf Goodman $695.00[​IMG]
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    Rolande Boucle (Heel: 120mm)

    Mastic (ivory-beige) Suede $795 - Resort 2009 @ Barneys

    Black Suede $795 - Resort 2009 @ Barneys

    Cherise (red) Kid $895 - Resort 2009 @ Bergdorf Goodman/Neiman Marcus

    Black Kid $895 - Resort 2009 @ Bergdorf Goodman/Neiman Marcus
    Christian Louboutin Rolande Boucle_$795 MASTIC SUEDE.jpg Christian Louboutin Rolande Boucle_$795 BLACK SUEDE.jpg Christian Louboutin Mary Jane_$895 CHERISE.jpg Christian Louboutin Mary Jane_$895 BLACK.jpg