Post photos of your Pearl jewelry here!

  1. Please post photos and any add'l info you have {price, size, year, etc. . . }.
    This thread is for photos ONLY, please start a new thread w/ comments or questions.

  2. Sorry, not the best pics but Mikimoto studs, 7-7.5 A+ approximately $320 in 2006.
    0111081301.jpg 0111081317.jpg
  3. These are my Tiffany pearl and diamond earrings, sorry I don't know the price or collection, they were a wedding gift from my parents :love:.
    pearl2.JPG pearl1.JPG
  4. [​IMG]
  5. 14K gold Rosary with pearls and crystal (not diamond) given to me by my Mother.

  6. 14kt gold pearl ring with round diamonds. I think I paid $500 back in 1993 for a fairly large pearl. (ignore the ruby ring)
  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]


  9. I have quite a lot of pearl jewellery so I'm splitting it into the groups of my really good and my freshwater pieces :smile:

    Firstly my Tahitian Pearls:

    1. Tahitian Pearl Studs with 18ct yellow gold, I bought these in July 2007
    2. Tahitian Pearl Dangly earrings with 18ct yellow gold, a Christmas present in 2006
    3. Tahitian Pearl Pendant with 18 carat yellow gold

    All bought from jewellers in Australia specialising in pearls :smile:
    DSC01080.JPG DSC01077.JPG DSC01084.JPG
  10. Secondly my South Sea Pearl Pieces

    1. South Sea Pearl Studs with 18ct yellow gold - Christmas present in 2005
    2. South Sea Pearl Pendant with diamond in 18ct yellow gold - 21st present from my parents
    3. South Sea Pearl Pendant with 18ct white gold - 21st present from my best friend
    DSC01078.JPG DSC01079.JPG DSC01081.JPG
  11. 1. Freshwater pearl and sterling silver earrings - 21st present
    2. Freshwater pearl long black strand - 22nd present
    3. Freshwater pearl and crystal bracelet - black pearls
    4. Freshwater pearl and crystal bracelet - white pearls
    5. Freshwater and leather wrap around necklace - 21st present
    DSC01086.JPG DSC01088.JPG DSC01109.JPG DSC01108.JPG DSC01085.JPG
  12. 1. freshwater pearl dangly earrings - 21st present
    2. freshwater pearls and beads bracelet
    3. pearls studs (not sure what kind) with 18ct yellow gold - christening present
    4. freshwater pearl studs
    5. freshwater pearl pendant - given by school
    DSC01087.JPG DSC01110.JPG DSC01107.JPG DSC01104.JPG DSC01103.JPG
  13. 1. freshwater pearl and zirconia earrings
    2. freshwater pearl and iron ore bracelet
    3. freshwater pearl and crystal bead bracelet
    4. black freshwater pearl and bead earrings
    DSC01102.JPG DSC01099.JPG DSC01101.JPG DSC01105.JPG
  14. 13 mm Tahitian Pearl earrings on a diamond cluster stud post

    IMG_9482 RS.jpg

    Baroque Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

    IMG_9480 RS.jpg
  15. 22K Gold, Diamond and South Sea earrings

    March11-2008 014small.jpg March15-2008 020small.jpg March15-2008 008small.jpg