Post photos of your MINI Classic Flap here

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  1. #1 Oct 20, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2010
    No chatting in this thread.
    Please include as much info as you can, such as....

    Style, Material, Hardware
    Style Code
    Retail Price
  2. 2 series 8" mini lambskin messenger
    I like it because it's a bit bigger than the current mini

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  3. Mini Flap, Caviar, GHW A35200
  4. lambskin mini flap with gold hardware, purchased from Galeries Lafayette, Paris summer of 08

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  5. Classic mini in black , brought it for 2435 CAD.......

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  6. Vintage 3 series mini flap
    black lambskin, perfect condition!

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  7. My mini collection :kiss:

  8. In my mind I love this size so much
    'cause she so cute and suitable for any occassion ka

    so that I will start in my first love ka

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  9. and then ... my new mini in 8 inch ka

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  10. mini 7 inch baby pink caviar v.s. red pochette patent

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  11. image-2690904486.png

    My first Chanel bag.
    Classic flap mini light brown SHW
    Bought from Neiman Marcus

    I love it!!!!
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  12. Chanel Mini Classic Flap in Bright Red Patent Leather




    Chanel Mini Classic Flap in Tiffany Blue/Turquoise Green Blue Lambskin Leather


  13. my mini !

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