Post Photos of your Juicy Couture Bags

  1. Thanks!! :smile: I know they're no Louis Vuitton, but I sure love JCouture and they fit my budget. ;)
  2. Hi there!
    This is my juicy couture bag that i purchased end of last year from sale in harvey nichols
  3. Nice!! I love the Day Dreamers!! :smile:
  4. I love the Daydreamer handbags too!!!:yahoo:
  5. Here's a pic of my Daydreamer bag!!

  6. :smile::smile:
  7. nice
  8. :cool:here is my favorite juicy [​IMG]
  9. ;)And here is my first one! I know it is so old! I got it at a Saks outlet for $50 [​IMG]
  10. Cute bags!!
  11. Thank you!! I love them both
  12. CoachCatcher, I love those bags.
  13. Thank you so much! I love them too i got another juicy bag but my niece has it. Once i get it back from her i will get a pic asap! It's a teal terry cloth daydreamer that i got from a consignment shop. The same consignment shop i got that big pink one.
  14. thank you :d
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    Hey (:

    These are my Juicy bags, I do have a few more but I'm too lazy to photograph them all!

    This was my first bag I ever got basically, I saved up for it and bought it when I was 11. I don't use it anymore but I would NEVER part with it:biggrin: [​IMG]

    I got this one for my birthday a few years ago, I love it - [​IMG]

    This is a little one that I bought on holiday in LA 2 years ago - [​IMG]

    I also have this grey daydreamer with a matching purse that I bought at the same time but I have never used them.[​IMG]