Post Photos of your Juicy Couture Bags

  1. I loooove these 2 items...they're really cute.

  2. bought their famous daydreamer bag a few months back. how do u gals maintain it?? Mine already turning yellowish on the front :sad:

  3. Gorgeous bag ALLIEMO20!!! Beautiful color!
  4. This is my brand new Juicy Couture Pacific Avenue Crescent Hobo Bag. Just bought it 2 days ago at the Juicy Couture Boutique and as a bonus got it with the friends and family 30% off discount! So I am loving it even more!!! Right now it has a Multi Stone Heart key fob dangling from it to give it a little more flash. :yahoo:

    I am also showing my Velour Leopard Daydreamer that I am also loving. Keeping it in storage at this time because I think it is more of a Winter bag. I also scored this one back in January at for under $130. :nuts:
    JC1.jpg JC2.jpg JC3.jpg JCLeopard.jpg
  5. Are you storing it in a dust bag? A pillow case will work also.
  6. RoyalPain: no i didnt store it in a dustbag. just chuck it inside my storeroom :p will try putting it in a pillow case! thks :smile:
  7. thanks:biggrin:
  8. IMG00571-20110405-2115.jpg

    Juicy Couture in Flatiron District(17th and 5 ave)
    October 2010
    PS. Ask for Tiffany, she's a wonderful Sales Associate :yahoo:
  9. The Day Dreamers are my favorite, and I love the pink ones! Mine is pink and Tan and I was freaked out about the light pink showing wear, but the wonderful ladies at my local JC store said to spray it with good ol' ScotchGuard. I covered the leather portions, sprayed two light coats, and the bags look great! I also store them in the JC bags in my closet, covered loosely with the tissue paper that came with them. Not super scientific, but it keeps them dust free and so far the colors seem to be holding up! Good luck!!
  10. SUPER CUTE!!!! And such good deals. :smile:
  11. I CAN post pictures! Yay! LOL

    My Day Dreamer and the black Royal Botanical satchel are tied for my favorites. The Love your Couture crossbody and matching wallet are perfect for travel or when it's just me and the hubby. (We have 3 kids--9,7, and 4.)
    My gray butterfly Baby Fluffy is probably the one I use the least, but it's cute. I think it may be too cute though, if you know what I mean. (I'm 35.) I get compliments on it, however, and my friends all tell me I can pull off the blingy bags because of my personality.

    Anyway...there they are. I bought a charm today at TJ Maxx and will post that pic in the appropriate thread. Have a great Monday!!
  12. OMG3kids: thk u so much!! shall go & buy ScotchGuard n try :smile:
  13. It won't remove stains but it will prevent new ones! With 3 kids I made sure to ask the sales associate how to keep the bags clean. ;)
  14. very nice :smile: