Post Photos of your Juicy Couture Bags

  1. Large Duchess Tote in Damsel :smile:

  2. Hi!
    This is my fab orange juicy bag, but I have no idea what the name of the bag is.. I think its from this summer, but I live in Belgium so we're probably behind :shame:

    I wasn't sure about the color, because it's so out there, but it's great in summer!
  3. i love ur bag, and to color is amazing :smile:
  4. i love the last posted one!
  5. I love this bag and I've been searching everywhere for it! :smile:
    Do you know if they still sell this anywhere??
  6. Love the Dutchess. Does it come in purple?
  7. LOVE the dutchess...but my fav. color is PINK!!So of course I love it!
    I really like the orange one too....I have a tendancy to try to get bright/odd colors for summer...mostly bc I live on the a nice cheery bright color bag is the perfect accessory to stroll our boardwalk and meet new friends when they compliment me on my bags' fun color!!
  8. Juicy Couture gray Daydreamer, pink embriodery, bought it last summer from Juicy Couture,Dubai.I loved this bag alot, but not that much now, im 25 and feel too old to carry it around:tdown:
    IMG_2673 7.jpg IMG_26751.jpg
  9. i don't think you should feel too old to carry it especially since its alot more understated than alot of juicys velour bags
  10. Coastal Canvas Tote!:heart:
    IMG_4364 - Copy.JPG
  11. nice tote Firefly, love the color and so practical :smile:)
  12. Thanks taya19, that was my first Juicy bag!
  13. Brown Leather Fluffy
    IMG_6760 - Copy.JPG IMG_5895.JPG
  14. firefly, i see u got your second juicy bag, great one :smile:
    i think i have to check juicy for leather bags!!
  15. No bag but i have a wallet, and a little makeup/pencil pouch :smile: