Post photos of your EXPANDABLE Ligne here!

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    Please post photos and info about your Expandable Ligne pieces here!
    As always, no questions or comments please:nogood:
  2. Black Expandable flap
    2007 $2395
    June 19 031.jpg
  3. It's my expandable flap in beige! $2395.
  4. White Exp Flap....
  5. I posted this pic in the Classic Flaps already but this is the official place for it so here it is again and sorry for the silly pic but my hubby is a pro photographer and I really like the pic.

    Expandable Classic Bag with Flap
    A34327Y01969 in black 94305
    purchased in April 2007 at Bloomingdales for $1650
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    First season in dark white. This past season in black.

  7. THE NEWEST FOR FALL 2007 EXPANDABLE FLAP TOTE..Has single handle vs last seasons double handle version...also nicer engraved hardware.ALSO NOW 2650 plus tax..YIKES!

  8. My Navy expandable n/s version. chanel LV in May $2250.
  9. 07A A36060Y01669
    Drk Brown (90912)
    Retail: $2295
    ccbrownbag.JPG ccbrownbag2.JPG ccbrownbag3.JPG
  10. Chanel Expandable Ligne Tote (in Red):heart:

  11. 2007 Fall/ Winter Black Expandable Flap
    Retails for $2650
    chanelblack1.JPG chanelblack2.JPG chanelblack3.JPG
  12. Top 3 bags are expandable flaps. Chocolate brown expandable flap, red expandable flap, cream expandable flap

  13. Chanel Red Expandable Flap
    Smooth Calfskin
    Fall 2007
    See price tag photo for more info
    Chanel Red Expandable Flap 1b.jpg Chanel Red Expandable Flap 2c.jpg Chanel Red Expandable Flap 3c.jpg Chanel Red Expandable Flap 4c.jpg
  14. 08 s/s expandable lambskin in navy/red
    MOP 22350
    CIMG2727.jpg CIMG2729.jpg CIMG2734.jpg CIMG2735.jpg
  15. My ivory expandable flap. :heart: