Post Photos of your CL STORAGE SOLUTIONS here!

  1. My CLs

    The box on the lower right with the blue lid has CL maintenance stuff like red touch up paint, brushes, shoe polish, rags, Plasti Dip. One of the plastic shoeboxes w/purple handles has insoles, heel grips and foot petals.

  2. IKEA Hemnes bookcase with glass doors & Anthropologie glass door knobs with gold filigree.

    This is not an updated photo of my collection. I have a couple heels that need to be repaired & I'm awaiting arrival of my newest babies: fuschia suede Declics.

    Only downside to this "storage solution" is that I still have all my boots packed up in boxes ... how do I store them well so they will "stand up"???
    Picture 578.jpg
  3. ^^^ you can buy boot inserts that will make the boots stand up on their own. the cheaper ones I get from the container store also have a hanger hook to hang them up if you wanted to. love the knobs you placed on the cabinet, btw!
  4. My humble collection finally has a home :smile:

  5. When I did my dressing room I had floor to ceiling shoe cabinets built with glass doors to keep out the dust. I keep the shoe boxes on the top shelf of the bag display cabinets and on top of hanging spaces for clothes. Running out of space again :0(
    image-4234501917.png image-735525878.png
  6. ok so it's not quite as impressive as everyone else's collection but here is my tiny collection which is slowly growing :smile: not too bad to say my addiction started 5 months ago :smile:
    image-2622974378.jpg image-1168273484.jpg image-1605454236.jpg
  7. This is my CL storage solution. Another Billy bookcase with glass doors from IKEA.

  8. Oh, good to know. I saw them online, but wondered if they would be long enough.
  9. Just got this 'IKEA PS 2012' Glass-door cabinet for my little collection. Planning to put some LED lights in it.

    I love how it's divided into frames to show off the shoes.
    skab-1.jpg skab-2.jpg
  10. Looks gorgeous!! Like a shop....not going to fit too many tho! But Houses and displays your most precious just beautifully!!
  11. This is my temporary storage for my CL. I've been shopping around in IKEA to find a cabinet or a book case to store my heels in. So far no luck, so I have to stock them in my closet.
    DSC_0554.JPG DSC_0555.JPG
  12. Hi Ladies.. i see a lot of you would put your lovely CLs in a book shelf without the door.. just by curiousity, do you want them collect dust? How do you maintain them to be clean and dust free?
  13. Here is my CL storage. In the, hopefully, near future I will be painting and adding glass doors.

    My boxes above my closet is home to my CL boxes.
    image-1875714769.jpg image-2768520687.jpg image-1371217413.jpg image-4288765679.jpg
  14. My little treasures (shoes and bags) are kept snug in their original boxes and bags. Nothing amazing to see...:smile:
  15. Klingsbo Glass Display Case from IKEA ImageUploadedByPurseForum1364404945.639305.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1364404973.724927.jpg
    Boxes stored elsewhere :smile: