Post photos of your Chanel EYEWEAR here!

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    Please post photos, style #, price, color, etc. . . . of any Chanel sunglasses or eye glasses you have.
    As always, this is a photo ONLY thread, no comments or questions please!

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Here's my collection:
    IMG_2080.jpg IMG_1376.jpg DSCF1863.jpg DSCF1500.jpg DSCF2514.jpg
  3. Chanel Mother of Pearl- I think $350?

  4. [​IMG]
    Chanel 5120 from SS08. Purchased from Chanel Boutique for $325 in January 2008.
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  5. Style# 4164B
    Retail $530

    It's difficult to tell from the pictures but the outside/front of the lenses have a gold reflective quality.




  6. Style# 4125 c.127/87


  7. Chanel 5065 small

  8. Chanel 2118-H-B (Pearl & Crystal)

  9. I purchased these from Saks for $325. They were mismarked and should have been $340.

    I'll post better pictures later.
    Bordeaux IV.jpg
  10. Sorry, pics are really dark but these are the 4104 in gold.
    chanel2.JPG chanel.JPG
  11. ok so I am a confessed sunglass addict... I had to just stop myself from buying anymore.....
    1st and 2nd picture
    Starburst Black on black tint- $600- 4148
    Black on White Big Lensed- $270- 4114
    Black reg lense $300- 4146

    3rd and 4th picture
    Pink Aviators $280- 5066
    Clear Aviators (have these in 2 colors) $330.00- 4153
    Brown MOP $330- 5076
    Picture 021.jpg Picture 023.jpg Picture 024.jpg Picture 025.jpg
  12. more

    1st picture
    Mother of Pearl Black- $330 5076
    Rim cc's on the side dont remember this was my first pair years ago price was 270.00
    2nd and 3rd picture
    My prescription lenses....
    dont have any style info on them right now
    Picture 026.jpg Picture 027.jpg Picture 028.jpg
  13. and finally
    my favorite pair- these have a peach/purple tent that changes with the light.. Here are my actual pics and then a stock pick I found for comparison..\they missed the group shot cause they stay in the car- I wear these all the time...
    group shot
    Picture 030.jpg Picture 031.jpg Picture 032.jpg sunglasses.jpg Picture 029.jpg
  14. My mom's eyeglasses, with crystal CC logo on both sides
    Photo 1.jpg Photo 2.jpg
  15. Chanel 5086 in black with Swarovski crystal logos!
    Purchased in 2005 for around 420 Euro (from what I can remember!)
    img0068do9.jpg img0070ec5.jpg img0072wu9.jpg img0075qm4.jpg