Post photos of your Chanel EVENING bags here!

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  1. #1 Sep 4, 2006
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    Please post any photos you have of Chanel evening bags here, please include any add'l info such as price, size, color. . . .
  2. [​IMG]
    Price: $1100
    Color: Black
    Leather: Lambskin
    Season: Spring 06
    Note: Taxes are NOT included in the price!​

    chanel paris ny expandable flap white 024.jpg chanel paris ny expandable flap white 023.jpg chanel paris ny expandable flap white 025.jpg chanel sac boite 032.jpg
  4. Precious Symbols?
  5. Timeless Classic Clutch ($895). Comes in Black, Grey, Jean Blue, and Purple (not sure if it comes in any other color).
    clutch5.1.JPG clutch1.1.JPG clutch2.1.JPG
  6. Clutch Bag - Satin on one side, velvet on other side
    04A A26678Y03556
    Black (94305)
    Picture 002 (2).JPG
  7. Purchased at Woodbury Commons this past weekend:yes:
    Don't know what to call it
    Fushia evening.jpg
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  8. Metallic evening clutch, $1795
    pics 070.jpg pics 071.jpg pics 072.jpg
  9. One more pic, and also please note the price is actually $1775!!
    pics 074.jpg
  10. I have a clutch too. Great bag!
  11. [​IMG]


    and in black (which I will be picking up sometime this week).
  12. my timeless caviar clutch just arrived and im quite amazed how much fits into it ! :heart: (not inlcluded in the photo is my camera and my other phone)

    it fits:
    - 2 cellphones
    - my red organizer
    - red keyholder (bulky)
    - lip pencil
    - blush brush
    - nars blush
    - shisiedo powder
    - lipbalm
    - pen
    - camera
    - money & credit cards inside the zipped pocket

    i doubt if il ever get to use this clutch as i dont have a clutch life ;)
  13. My timeless clutch
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