Post photos of your authentic Tiffany jewelry here!

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  1. #136 May 8, 2012
    Last edited: May 8, 2012
    Tiffany Heart Key Pendent in small

  2. Tiffany Platinum and Diamond Jazz Band Ring (Celebration Ring)

    Bezel set with round brilliant cut diamonds (approximately .62 total carat weight), mounted in two alternating sizes.

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  3. Thanks for letting me share:biggrin:

    From the top: Platinum Tiffany Jazz Ring Band in a full circle
    Middle: Platinum Cartier Declaration Ring
    Bottom: Platinum Tiffany Shared-setting Ring Band in a full circle

  4. #139 Jun 11, 2012
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    My wedding present from my parents, Tiffany yellow diamond (1.36ct fancy intense) with Novo band.


  5. elsa peretti plat/diamond toe ring :smile:

    pave plat/diamond heart necklace

    the rest i have to find where i put them...these i have on

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  6. Oh, I haven't posted my Soleste yet.

    From the top: Soleste (1.17ct fancy intense), Swing, Classic Setting (2.43ct) and Celebration ring.:P

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  7. Circlet 3-Stone Ring
  8. Circlet earrings:smile:

  9. From top to bottom:
    mini YG Tiffany Filigree Heart
    SS Tiffany Infinity Pendant
    YG Tiffany Notes Band Ring



  10. Tiffany YG bangle:

  11. Tiffany Crown Key in Rose Gold 18K and Diamonds 0.13Ct




  12. #147 Aug 12, 2012
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    Tiffany 10mm Bead Bracelet in Sterling Silver (Medium)



    ^Ref.: 5.75 inch wrist
  13. Tiffany 7.5-8mm Pearl Bead Bracelet with Silver Return to Tiffany Heart Tag - Medium Size
    (Machine engraved in Script - 204)





    ^Ref.: 5.75 inch wrist
  14. Tiffany Paloma Picasso's 10mm Bead Bracelet in Multi-Colored Gemstones (Medium Size)

    In clock-wise order:

    - Azur Malachite: Has a dark turquoise sea-green color marblized with dark brown hues
    - Lapis Lazuli: Navy blue with silver and black specks
    - Rhodochosite: Pink with gray tone swirls
    - Amethyste: This looks more purple in the prototype pix, but mine looks clear with light pink hues?
    - Rose Quartz: Light pink, very close to the Amethyste
    - Hawk's Eye Quartz: Looks black in pix, but is actually a deep metallic blue
    - Green Aventurine: This is probably the brightest, it almost glows!
    - Tiger's Eye: A pretty metallic yellow/brown gemstone
    - Dumortierite: Similar to Lapis, but no silver specks
    - Blue Lace Agate: A very pretty lilac/blue bead with clear swirls
    - Red Jasper: A beautiful fiery red stone
    - Hydrogrossular Garnet: Looks like Jade? I can't tell the difference
    - Jasper: A crackly ugly yellow bead... My least favorite lol
    - Rhodonite: A bright pink bead with gray/black swirls
    - Nephrite Jade: A mucky dark green - I like lighter green, pink, or lavender Jadeite instead...




  15. birthday pressie from hubby

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