Post photos of your authentic Tiffany jewelry here!

  1. Please post photos and any add'l info you have {description, size, year, style #, etc. . . }.

    This thread is for photos ONLY, please start a new thread w/ comments or questions.

  2. Photos are attached below in the same order as the list...
    - Ribbon ring, 0.98ct center stone with 29 stones in the band with a 0.30cttw.
    - 2.5 mm half circle channel set band with diamonds.
    - Diamonds by the Yard studs, 0.16cttw.
    - Tiffany hearts ring with diamonds.
    - Tiffany hearts bracelet with diamonds, 0.18cttw.
    ring.jpg 2180239755_79bd66dac1.jpg 2181028282_46632dbba1.jpg 2180239641_8caf8f414b.jpg 2180239597_fe5baa0986.jpg
  3. Continued from above...
    - Small silver locket on 16" chain.
    - Geometric heart pendant in silver
    - Square outline pendant with diamonds and a pink sapphire.
    - Diamonds by the Yard bracelet.
    - Pearl and diamonds studs (don't know what collection they're from).
    2181028540_b30f58e3b9.jpg 2180240351_597e11ec2e.jpg 2181028454_d7d2e35684.jpg 2181028344_b4fee5a38a.jpg 2180239817_5f6680b421.jpg
  4. My small Return to Tiffany Heart Tag necklace, 18 inch chain.
    tiffany.jpg tiffany2.jpg
  5. Tiffany & Co. Oval Tag Return to Tiffany 18" Chain Necklace..... $250 [now $275]
    Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Return to Tiffany pendant w/ 34" beaded chain..... $199

    Both are sterling silver.
    P1040892.JPG P1040891.JPG P1040894.JPG 12.JPG
  6. Return to Tiffany heart tag charm bracelet.. 185 dlls.

  7. Tiffany Heart link necklace, bracelet & earrings.
    tiff ref 001.jpg tiff ref 002.jpg
  8. 1837 choker, square earrings, square bangle and ring.
    tiff ref 003.jpg tiff ref 004.jpg tiff ref 005.jpg
  9. Tiffany Starfish pendant on a silk cord, earrings and brooch. (Elsa Peretti)
    tiff ref 012.jpg tiff ref 013.jpg tiff ref 014.jpg
  10. Tiffany cushion bangle, silver.
    Tiffany heart pendant on 34" bead chain and on chunky link, silver with 18k accents. (1994)
    tiff ref 007.jpg tiff ref 009.jpg tiff ref 010.jpg tiff ref 011.jpg
  11. Tiffany (Frank Gehry collection) Fish pendant & earrings, Orchid earrings. Silver.
    tiff ref 028.jpg tiff ref 030.jpg tiff ref 022.jpg tiff ref 024.jpg
  12. Elsa Peretti bone cuff in silver and Sevillana pendant on silk cord (small)

  13. Silver Venetian link 18" necklace and bracelet

    Silver plain heart toggle necklace and round tag bracelet from 'Please Return to' range

    Silver heart stencil bracelet
    tiff ref 016.jpg tiff ref 020.jpg tiff ref 018.jpg
  14. Tiffany circles bracelet, 18k and silver


    Silver Bamboo bracelet with toggle fastener


    Bamboo ring
    tiff ref 015.jpg
  15. 1. Small cross stitch diamond earrings - also known as Tiffany Kisses.
    2. 1837 Tag Pendant (18 inches, silver)
    3. Double Heart (18 inches, silver)
    4. Elsa Peretti 5 mini charm bracelet 7.25 inches (silver)
    Tiffany Kisses.jpg 1837 Pendant.jpg Double Heart.jpg Elsa Peretti.jpg