Post photos of your authentic David Yurman jewelry here!

  1. Please post photos and any add'l info you have {description, style #, size, year, etc. . . }.
    This thread is for photos ONLY, please start a new thread w/ comments or questions.
  2. Here's my :heart: David Yurman :heart: collection. Enjoy!





    David Yurman earrings.JPG David Yurman rings.JPG David Yurman bracelets.JPG David Yurman necklace.JPG David Yurman necklace (closeup).JPG
  3. Here's my Color Classics Capri Cookie Necklace and Earring in Amethyst and my Color Classics 5MM Cable Bangle in Amethyst. These were my 2007 Christmas presents.
    davidyurman.jpg davidyurman2.jpg
  4. Crossover Double X Ring

    From the Crossover X Collection, sterling silver and 18-karat yellow gold ring with Cable detail and two "X's".

    Store Style Number: R07456S8


    IMG_2808small watermark.jpg
  5. Here's my DY collection...

    7MM Blue Topaz Cable Bracelet - $500

    7MM Lemon Citrine Cable Bracelet - $500

    Blue Topaz Stacking Ring (can't find the price, but I got it some time early last year from Saks in NY)

    Silver Ice Crossover X Ring - $350

    Blue Topaz Necklace (don't know the exact name for it, and I couldn't find it online... got it back in October of '06 at a Saks in Miami)
    clasp 005 (Small).jpg clasp 007 (Small).jpg clasp 010 (Small).jpg clasp 011 (Small).jpg
  6. I just got this lovely piece yesterday. It's from the Metro Collection. It is sterling silver cable with a 14k gold bar on top. I wanted a simple ring that has no stones for everyday wear, and this fit the bill. Retail value $375.


    yurmanring1.jpg yurmanring2.jpg
  7. David Yurman Caribbean Ice
    david yurman.jpg
  8. [​IMG]

    My 5mm bangles
  9. [​IMG]
    Citrine cookie necklace... I also have an "acorn" necklace, but don't have pictures handy.
  10. Mini Petite Hampton necklace 16"
    Purchased in 2005.
    dy.jpg dy2.jpg
  11. David Yurman 5mm cable bracelet in silver/14k gold tips retail price-350.00
    DSC00717.JPG DSC00718.JPG
  12. here are my DY confetti bracelet and matching ring
    DSC01587.JPG DSC01589.JPG
  13. 5mm cable bracelet-Amethyst and Citrine
    One-Station Champagne Citrine cable bangle
    Crossover bracelet
    000_0716.jpg 000_0720.jpg 000_0721.jpg
  14. 18K gold Petite Albion Ring with garnet. Size 5. Received it April 2007 as a gift.