Post photos of your antique jewelry here!

  1. Please post photos and any add'l info you have {size, color, style # year, etc. . . }.
    This thread is for photos ONLY, please start a new thread w/ comments or questions.

  2. This is my favorite piece ever because it belogned to my Grandmother. It is a 14K Gold Medallion with a 23" 10K gold chain, dated 1939.


    The elephant charm was my mother's and its 14K gold, its about 20 years old.

  3. This is my antique Asprey brooch dating from 1800-1820. Yellow gold on the underside, silver on the top, 2.5-3 carats in total of rosecut diamonds.

  4. vancleef fan's Antique Brooch

    Brooch in yellow and white gold with diamonds and pearls ( wedding present from Aunt).

  5. this is an antique ring with an odd history. it's a heavy, handmade setting in 18K YG. the base consists of 2 pieces of hand-carved jade. the top is a platinum art deco piece with 2 mine cut diamonds.
    antique-jade-top.jpg antique-jade-side.jpg
  6. Art deco sapphire ring...
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    24K chinese gold dragon and phoenix bangle. It's light and beautifully casted. My mother special ordered it from a mold seen at her jeweler's. It may be close to 40 years old.

    heavy 22K dragon bangle. ruby gemstones (?) May be older than 40 years. I forgot to add, the dragon's tongue is reticulated, cute to watch it spring up and down.
    dragon1.jpg dragon2.jpg
  8. My father and I purchase large Estate lots frequently and I have a great love of Antique pieces- especially the Art Deco period. These Diamond earrings are from the early 1900's to 1920's. There is an 18K Natural pearl & diamond earring pair that you can sort of see in one of the pictures too.

    Antique11.jpg AntEmerald Collage1.jpg Ant-DiaEm-DiaChandelier1small.jpg
  9. i recently went back to visit my parents and my mom gave me this ring. it belonged to my great-grandmother (who was from austria) and it's over 100 years old. i thought it was just gorgeous!

    sorry for the bad pics though.



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  12. Hi my pixs are in my profile-enjoy;)
  13. Ok gals more more try today:blush:
  14. My sapphire and diamond ring.
    Ruby and diamond ring.
    Sapphire and diamond ribbon band.
    Jade and diamond ring.
    Sapphire on hand.jpg Ruby on hand.jpg Sapph on hand.jpg Jade on hand.jpg
  15. Art deco diamond earrings from around 1920's and ring from 1970's gift from my father to my mother and passed on to me for my wedding.