post photos of Tory Burch Reva flats..

  1. I want satin revas!!

    How much are they selling tb at the outlets?
  2. I'm a late arrival on the Reva train, but they'll go splendiforously with my grad dress... a vintage versace I scored for $20 at my fave thrift store!
    Prior to this, the only TB shoes I'd ever tried on were the patent croc-embossed revas and the graeme flats... both felt like they were on a mission to destroy my feet. I have issues with elasticated flats - my miu miu mary janes were the first pair that didn't destroy my feet. And I'm happy to say that these haven't either.
  3. Ladies,
    All these pix of Revas are's the comfort and size wise? If i usually wear a 6.5 in Nine West and 36.5 in Gucci and CL's (simples)...what size am in in the Tory Revas??? TIA
  4. You would be a 6.5 in TB as well. I think they are extremely comfortable. I don't have/need a break in period for them.
  5. I am not sure what these are called, but I wore them only once as they bruised and hurt my little toe.
  6. My very 1st pair. I think I am addicted.My next purchase will be a pair in gold and silver.

  7. Lovely :smile:

  8. You will love these shoes. I have the black and the brown pair and can't wait to get the silver.
  9. I am also late on the reva train.. Do any of you wear them w/thin socks and/or insoles? My feet get cold here in Boston, and I have seriously flat fleet in need of arch support.

    Im usually a 9 but should I size up for socks/insoles?? I also have widish feet..

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    I don't wear socks with mine... even now (at least here in NYC). I might wear tights with them when I wear a dress. The nappa leather flats are much softer so you probably don't need to size up. I have wide feet and the first time I tried on a pair, I wanted half a size up but the SA at TB told me that they stretch out over time. Plus, I had a little extra room in length. I have wide feet as well and sometimes I red marks on my feet near the toe boxes but doesn't bother me enough to hide the flats in my closet!! Hope that helps!!
  11. Do you find they have sufficient arch support? I usually have to wear some type of insole, and am thinking between this and room for trouser socks I might want to size up?
  12. I have the magenta suede (lucky Saks sale find) and I looooooove them. They're so comfy!
  13. So I got the revas (arrived the next day!!) ...they are adorable, and comfy when standing, but after walking around campus for the first 1/2 of the day, I had to go to CVS to buy heel pads and nylon shoeliners-- my heels were hurting, and my toes were scrunched up in the toebox. I went half a size up, but I have wide feet that like wiiiide shoes. I am going to end up using insoles, although that makes the top of my foot press more into the top of the shoe. I think they will stretch out a bit/break in..I think a whole size up (10) would be too big and flop off my feet.

    How have your revas stretched out? did they become more comfy in the toe box? TIA!
  14. :bump: This is a helpful thread since I'm in the market for my first pair of Revas. :smile:
  15. I believe has the suede ones on sale for 90-100$. Also, I just got an email from saying 40% off (select items) and free shipping over 150.. hth!