post photos of Tory Burch Reva flats..

  1. I received my TB Reva's today. I love them. They are so soft and comfy. Wonderful leather. I'll try to post pic soon. Can't wait to wear them.:yahoo:
  2. here are my white patent. i have only tried them on... sadly i need to pay off my CC bills so i can't keep them :sad:

  3. you always have the best stuff! first the mam navy and now the violet tb flats!
  4. wow i love the turquoise (is that what it's called?) and have never seen it before. i love the purple and navy too. overall an amazing collection!
  5. Varied_obsessions - you have all the best colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I just bought my first 2 pairs I haven't worn them out yet but I can't wait. Here are the brown ones.. The gold ones are getting sent to me.
  7. i love brown and black! i own white and black since they go with everything
  8. I love the patent black ones with the gold medallion :tup:
  9. LOVE them all ladies!
  10. They look so cute on you - I love the hem of your jeans too!
  11. mssmelanie you have inspired me to get another pair of TB!
    I have the silver pair and was not planning on getting another pair as I have several other flats that need some attention, but seeing these brown ones on you has made me NEED these!:tup::yahoo:
  12. woow...u all inspired me..i think i'm going get them....
  13. Loft Lady – you have really started something bad for me! Now that I see everyone’s TB flats, I want one in every color!

    Lanier – Thanks! I cut them myself! I bought them a few years ago. I actually wish I got them hemmed instead, they might end up being capris and then shorts!

    Shopalot ~ I really do like the brown.. It goes well with my new LVEva Bag
  14. I finally got my gold ones from Neiman Marcus.. Sak's ran out..I would love to get another color.. Man these are addictive.
  15. ^I had the gold ones like above but had to return them because the TB medallions left my big toes with matching bruises!

    I do miss them.