post photos of Tory Burch Reva flats..

  1. ladies please post your photos of you wearing these flats or the flats. I want to order a pair today.. deciding on black or brown. I love all the colors they come in ! But, I am thinking I would get more use w black or brown. Are they really comfy? Thanks!
  2. I had these but returned them because I thought they made my feet look big:
    then my indecissive azz got these from the tb outlet in woodbury commons(sorry, i deleted the pic of the shoes by themself) tribe violet they are 161
    and i went back to woodbury 2wks ago and got a pr of hot pink satin revas w/ gold medalion $112.00(sorry no pic yet) they also come in purple and lime green
    They are very comfy!
  3. talldrnkofwater,

    I love the violet! Thanks for posting the pics
  4. Are these comfy?
  5. [​IMG]
  6. OMG!! You have so many! I love them all.
  7. Thanks! :smile: My feet love them bunches
  8. How comfy are these? I'm contemplating getting a pair.
  9. I used to think they were SOOO comfy until I wore them on a pub crawl one day. The elastic rubbed the top of my pinky toe so badly it blistered and rubbed it until it opened and it left a scar!
    They are only comfy for me if I don't wear them when I have to walk a lot. Otherwise the elastic rubs my pink toe. I may just have an odd foot.
  10. That's the way I felt about Jeffery Campbell until I was out all day in them during a Sniffapalooza. By the end of the day, I could barely walk and in oct. in nyc, I had to have dh stop and buy me a pair of thongs. They left permanent marks on my feet.
    The very next day, I went to the event and decided to give the revas a go. Lawd have mercy, my feet were so very happy!!

    That was the last time I ever wore the JC's(and I have 6 pair to get rid of that were never worn!) lol
  11. heres my latest pair-btw, i dont have any problems w/ them hurting my feet
    hot pink satin revas
  12. Ooooh I love your TB collection Varied_obsessions....*drools*

    I have black patent w/ patent logo (1/2 size too small:crybaby:)
    & I have the regular black leather w/ gold logo

    I want a pair of the satin ones, soo cute. I wish I had gotten a pair when they were on sale on the website. Is there anywhere to still get them?
  13. talldrkofwater,
    I love your pink satin Reva's. I ordered the black leather w/gold. I should get them on Monday. I hope they fit. I normally wear 7.5 and ordered same size. Are they true to size.
  14. I got them from the tory burch outlet at woodbury commons. they are 112.00 final sale. They come in pink, lime green and purple. IIRC shipping is 15.00:tdown:

    loft lady i took the same size as my leather revas
  15. I bought 4 pairs on my recent shopping trip to NYC last week. I love them!
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