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    I hope it ok to start this thread.

    In the past, I have seen scans of catalogs, lookbooks, and magazines posted by other members and found them very helpful. I hope we can consolidate them to a single thread. I suggest future posts include: where the pic came from (publication name and date), any info available (pricing, style, store etc).

    From the October 2006 InStyle magazine:

    Lambskin, $1995, select Bloomingdale's
  2. September 2006 Harper's Bazaar
    No other info available
    0609Harpers1.jpg 0609Harpers2.jpg
  3. September 2006 InStyle
    No other info available
  4. From Swanky's original post - 2006 F/W catalog.

    Wish I was on the Chanel mailing list...then, again better not - it will be too tempting. ;)
    Chanel-LookBook1.jpg Chanel-LookBook2.jpg Chanel-LookBook22.jpg Chanel-LookBook12.jpg
  5. prefall1.jpg prefall2.jpg prefall3.jpg prefall4.jpg prefall5.jpg
  6. prefall6.jpg prefall7.jpg act1-1.jpg act1-2.jpg act1-3.jpg
  7. act1-4.jpg act1-5.jpg act2-1.jpg
  8. act2-2.jpg act2-3.jpg act2-4.jpg
  9. Miscellaneous
    ChanelToteNM.jpg 1f_1.jpg Chanel BW Ad 001.jpg
  10. Cambon
    chanel.gif chanel2004_3.jpg chanel2004_4.jpg Chanel Cambon Bowling White.jpg Chanel Cambon Camera White.jpg
  11. More
    chanel_kate_moss_02.jpg Modern Chain Tote.jpg New Mademoiselle.jpg
  12. More Ads
    Small Diamond Stitch $1625.jpg opening3jj.jpg offwhitereissue228.jpg
  13. More Miscellaneous bags
  14. NM "The Designer Collection" catalog, September 2006.
    NM1.jpg NM2.jpg NM3.jpg
  15. Chanel website
    Collections Fall/Winter 2006/7
    FW0607-1.jpg FW0607-2.jpg FW0607-3.jpg FW0607-4.jpg
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