Post Phoebe, which bags are on your radar?

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  1. Post Phoebe, do you guys still buy and/or love Céline, or are there other brands that you prefer? Do you feel like you have lost your style lighthouse (so to speak) or are you happy to navigate several brands? Maybe you were upset about the Hedi takeover before, but now you’re used to life without the é?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and especially which bags are on your radar now.
    Personally, I’m quite interested in Givenchy’s Whip bag
    I’d also like to add some Phoebe classics to my small collection.
  2. I'm trying to find preloved frame, clasp and twisted cabas :biggrin:
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  3. Gotta admit i’m not done with the Phoebe-era bags yet and still open to expanding the collection. Frankly i think some of Hedi’s pieces are pretty decent but on a personal level they do not charm me the way Phoebe’s designs do. To me, it’s not the brand name but the underlying image of Phoebe’s Céline and her understated classics that appeal. That said, i’m keeping an eye out for the evolvement of Bottega Veneta.
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  4. Oh I’m eyeing this Bottega Veneta pouch by Daniel Lee at the moment. It reminds me of Phoebe era Céline

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  5. cool :smile:
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    I think the brand that is going to be more Philo-Celine like going forward is Bottega Veneta, which is not surprising given that Daniel Lee comes from Celine and was before in Margiela. I love the Pouch and will surely look into that. It is more than a bit reminiscent of some Celine pouches.

    I love Clare Waight Keller but I am not sure what Givenchy is going for in their accessories line, they seem to be all over the place in terms of style and brand identity. The Whip looks very Chloe to me, with the abundance of hardware and detail to the expense of functionality...

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  7. Wow which season was this pouch from?
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  8. Still collecting Phoebe's collection, preferably brand new or as close to it as I can get.

    Nothing Hedi has done for Celine has interested me so far - Sac 16? I'd rather save up for a Kelly. Besace 16 Bag? There's a Chloe by See bag that's very similar and much cheaper.

    I've also drifted off towards YSL, Dior, Chloe, Givenchy.
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  9. This is from the Pillow collection from Summer 2017!
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  10. Yes, thank you, I knew it was recent but didn’t know the exact season.
  11. My SA from the NYC soho store told me the frame will be coming back!
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  12. Omg but the retail price is too high for my budget so I’m hoping to get a preloved.
  13. Ahhh! That is so cool. Did they give any more info? I’ve been debating one which Celine bag to get but now I think I will hold out!
  14. Okay makes sense—best of luck finding one pre-loved!!
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  15. She didn’t give me any more info but I can ask her if you’d like!
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