**Post Otticanet promo codes here!**

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  1. Hi, pls post any Otticanet discount coupon/codes here! Thanks! :tup:
  2. :confused1:
    I've never heard of them. . . not sure they need their own specific thread{?}
  3. NYS6734

    it's an extra 10% off. it expires on the Jan 22nd, though.

    i find codes for them are really rare though.

    and Swanky, Otticanet is a online sunglasses retailer, that has designer sunglasses at some of the lowest prices i've seen, plus US customers don't pay tax or customs duties! and if for some reason you get billed for customs, like i did, you just fax/scan the bill and they refund you right away.

    i've ordered from them before and they're super sweet, and i can testify that their sunglasses are completely authentic, and have nothing but positive transactions. :smile:
  4. wow, thanks so much!! I just ordered with the code and it saved me 12 Euros! :heart:
  5. If you're in the US, do you have to pay customs? I know the site says you don't but I've read that some get charged anyway. How much would that be?
  6. Anyone else have any experiences with Otticanet?
  7. see Onederland's post.
  8. bump bump!

    does anyone have any other promo codes for Otticanet (that havnt expired? =P)
  9. I want one too!
  10. Does anyone has a promo code?
  11. DJN4716 for 10% off. Ends July 29. Happy Shopping!!!
  12. Can i get code, too? Please :smile:
  13. bump
  14. any new codes?
  15. Yeah, I also desperately wanting new promo-code. Anyone?