Post office

  1. Just venting....thanks!

    Can you believe that the post office was out of stamps?!?!?!? Does that seem strange to anyone else?

    We have a donor mailing that is going out today, and had to go to the post office to buy stamps. Unfortunately, because the company card is in MY name (they are required to check ID now), I couldn't send my assistant out and the post office. It's a bit of a hike from my office, but thankfully, it's nice out. When I got there, they told me that they sold out of stamps. I had a "Are you kidding me moment?", and had to walk even further to the next post office.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Or is it one of those "It only happens to me" kind of things?
  2. that's SOOOOOOOOOOOO weird IMO!

    It'd be like McDonalds being out of fries or McNuggets!!!
  3. I have heard of them being out of certain types of stamps (like the special ones they issue) but never out of stamps completely. That does seem odd.
  4. Someone must have cleaned them out! Weird!
  5. i'm not at all surprised, the post office should never be asked to do anything, like have stamps, or mail things for you, or have packages delivered to the proper addresses. then they'd have to be doing their jobs.:censor:
  6. What? lol

    How can they not have stamps??

    hah, that baffles me!
  7. It really doesn't surprise me, sorry if I offend anybody who works for the government or state but, I've had to deal with them most of my life...they are the most incompetent people you'll ever meet! From keeping personal records to receiving important info to ordering supplies of stamps, anything and everything can happen when the gov./state is in charge. Their organization skills really s:censor:ks!
  8. that's funny

    i'm sorry that sucks for you but it's amusing to think of
  9. The one thing that they sell, and they are out of them.... that's just weird.... Sorry that you have to hike to another post office, Suli....
  10. how long has it been since they raised the price of stamps? i was there yesterday, and they still don't have a new priority mail stamp. it hasn't even been made, not they were out of it. it's a f#$^&*ing sticker for god's sake. so i had to buy the old one, and 80 cents worth of 2 cent stamps. yay.
  11. Once, I went to Starbucks and they were out of coffee. No joke.
  12. :lol::lol: The same thing happened to me at Starbucks once, too!

    LOL the irony kills!
  13. The mail delivery where I live is so bad - It doesn't surprise me that they can't even keep themselves in STAMPS!!!!!!!
  14. Really? I would've never thought...
  15. Happened to me too at the Boston Chicken several years ago.... And McDonalds... no burgers. :blink: