Post office lost package

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  1. I have it tracked and insured. Last tracking was done 2 weeks ago when it arrived at the local post office. I have a call into that office and they are going to see if they can find it. Probably no, since its been two weeks since last tracking.

    So I have to wait a few more days to file claim. But that doesn't help because I can refund the seller but I'm still out my item.

    What else can I do???
  2. I am in the same boat. The PO keeps saying the they will check with the carrier. I do not know if my buyer got her bag. It was out for delivery and that was the last update on the 10th. Mine is insured with SC.
  3. Did your buyer file a dispute?

    I will no longer ship with usps. They are terrible about keeping up with tracking.
  4. No contact from them yet. I am going to call the PO for the third time.

  5. as long as you don't hear from them, I wouldn't worry about it. Its possible they got it and it wasn't updated.

    I had a different package sent with no record of tracking online but when I called about it, they said it was delivered. Even though it wasn't scanned for tracking online they are still able to tell.
  6. I hate it when the po reps miss that, its like the single most important scan because scammers will use it to their advantage. and I did ask the rep at the po before and she told me the delivery confirmation purchased was mainly for the last "delivered" scan, its annoying when they don't track all the way and have you guessing but infuriating when they don't do the last one :sad:
  7. The guy at the PO asked if the buyer said they did not receive it. I told them the world is full of scammers.

    The only reason why I am making sure it was delivered (besideds the buyer being a PITA) is that the carrier is more likely to remember delivering a package closer to the date at which it was stated as out for delivery.

  8. ^ I'm having an issue where my buyer says they didn't receive an item that was delivered on the 3rd. They contacted me on the 19th. On the 20th USPS shows the buyer refused the package in person at their local PO. Talk about possible scam. I'm waiting on the item to be returned to me for a possible bait and switch.

  9. Talk about a possible scam is right..hope it works out ok...