Post office is doing a MUCH better job at tracking


Looking for LVOE
Oct 27, 2007
I already posted how Bonanzle has picked up so I will praise USPS as well.

In the last month I have mailed and received SEVERAL packages. I am currently stalking an inbound international package which tracked before it left the other country, when it arrived, and now when it left customs.

All other packages (except the two delivered to the buyers today) have tracked once they landed at the sorting destination post office. The two buyers who got their packages today one updated this morning when it was out for delivery and the second updated when they attempted to deliver and left a notice.

It used to be you wouldn't see a USPS package update online more than 50% of the time until it was delivered.

Anyone else noticed this?


Nov 28, 2006
Sometimes I find their tracking system works fairly well and other times it doesn't update past the point where it shows the package has been mailed. That happened to me a little over a week ago and was really frustrating. But if you are noticing an improvement then perhaps there is hope after all.


Looking for LVOE
Oct 27, 2007
^^^ that sucks.

This morning I got an Express package from Australia.
Tracking still said In bound from customs from yesterday but about an hour after I got it the tracking updated to say it was at my local post office. I am thinking they can't be blamed because I live 4 min from P.O. and they delivered it to me about 30 min after it arrived.


Oct 14, 2009
Yes. I have noticed an improvement.

But I also started using USPS to do labels for Canada. Then I print the scan form.

I was very impressed to see that even though this will not track an item when the Buyer prints a label for non-trackable first class small parcel (international) it generates a number that says the date the label was printed, who printed it, and the postal code and that shipping was paid for. So now if I'm waiting for something from a Seller with a good reputation and have not recieved the item (I'm rarely in a hurry) if they send me that number I'll have piece of mind that they paid and sent my item.