Post Office Charged Wrong Postage...Will it be ok??

  1. Today, I had mailed a package at USPS requesting my package to be mailed Airmal Parcel Post to Canada. She rang everything up and posted the stickers all over the package. The total came to $4.00, I thought it was extremelycheap sending from Houston to Canada but didnt think anything of it. When i got home I looed at the USPS website and it turns out that Airmail Parcel post for a package was $14.00 and Airmal Parcel Post for a letter was $4.00. So I assume I was charged letter postage. Will my package still be sent? I am worried! :rant:
  2. Did you get tracking? if so, I'd call the post office and get it straightened out...chances are someone will pick up on it along the way
  3. That seems like the right thing to do. On the receipt it says i was charged for 15.04 ounces, maybe they didnt charge it as a package because it was under a pound? Im just crossing my fingers this is true but it was in a small box. Thanks varsha!
  4. I wouldnt worry about it...Check the tracking #-it will be fine!
  5. It's only a problem if you underpaid. If you overpaid, the package will get there with no problems. But you should try to get a refund if you know you were overcharged.

    Airmail Parcel Post is for packages over 4lbs, Airmail Letter Post is for packages under 4lbs.
  6. It may get sent back to you because the difference is a large amount. I've had this happen to me before. Go to the post office and have it sorted out ... and keep tracking it. The thing is, people do double check this sort of thing at the post offices along the way, so there is a great chance it will be returned to you.
  7. Oh so this probably explains it since your parcel was less than a pound. Looks like you were charged correctly. But I would call the post office to double check (can't be too careful these days) Good luck!