**Post NORDSTROM deals here**

  1. :flowers: TIA
  2. SPRING7 should work.
  3. Thanks susurra!
  4. spring7 doesn't work anymore.

    thanks so much!
  5. spring7 was a neiman's code
  6. Hi, anyone knows Nordstrom.com free shipping code without buying pair of shoes. Thanks!:cool:
  7. Well, it's work very simple :yes:
    Just simply add 1 pair of kids slippers for full price to your order (around $15). It will qualify you for FS, then return them to your local store.
    Good Luck! :yes:
  8. thanks!
  9. Thank you.
  10. Nmperk

  11. You are TOO clever!!! Thanks!:roflmfao:
  12. above. THANKS.:yahoo:
  13. what's that?
  14. shipping or % off codes? thanks in advance.