**Post NORDSTROM deals here**

  1. NMFALL worked for me on Saturday for free shipping
  2. Yea, I don't normally get or see codes for Nordies.
  3. wasn't this for Neiman Marcus? hence the NM?
  4. I asked a customer service rep last week and she said there weren't any (Nordies that is).
  5. code: holiday06
  6. I've been looking at a handbag for a while...
  7. Nope! Last I checked they didn't have one. Sad...hope you get your bag!
  8. Would you give me a free shipping code for Nordstrom? It is just $5 but still...

  9. Hi everyone,

    This is my first post! I am wondering if anyone has a Nordstrom's coupon code.

    Thanks in advance!
  10. I dont have a nordstrom coupon code to share but do try making your purchases through sites such as erabates.com or mrrebates.com to get a cash-back rebate.
    Also, search on slickdeals.net, fatwallet.com , flamingoworld.com for coupon codes.
    All the best!
  11. Im about to order something. Thanks.
  12. Does anybody have coupons for Nordstrom?
  13. Nodstrom doesn't do coupons
  14. The promo code section on their website is for employees only. The only time you can get a discount on something there is if it's in the sale section or you work there.
  15. Thanks