**Post NORDSTROM deals here**

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  1. Is there one?
  2. I would like to know as well :yes:
  3. bumping...does anyone know?
  4. I hope to know too... But from what I'm guessing when no one replied: None?
  5. I searched around & couldn't find any.
  6. if you look on google, you can find a coupon to click for a $5 shipping--entire order. I just typed in " nordstrom coupon code" and most have it.

    -->actually i just looked, and it's on the website.
  7. ^yeah, shipping is generally a flat rate of $5 for nordstrom. it's great!!
  8. does anyone have nordstrom codes? thanks :graucho:
  9. Does anbody know of any codes for Nordstrom?
  10. Anything out there? Free shipping or whatever?
  11. Anyone know of any Nordstrom codes off-hand for free shipping or fall savings??? It would be greatly appreciated !!! Kristy:P
  12. Anyone, anyone:smile:))
  13. Someone has to have a CODE:smile:)))
  14. Don't remember ever seeing a code for Nordies, but their $5 Shipping is so much less than other online stores. =)

    Every now & then, they do offer free shipping with shoes purchases, etc.